Ball Drop

This page will provide details for the ball drop fundraiser as part of the Deer Pass golf outing.

Details:  Each ball is purchased for $5.  During the event, each ball that is purchased will be rolled towards a target.  The ball that stops closest to the target is the winner!  So, there is a form below to enter sales.  Each person who sells balls will share in the proceeds of this event. For instance, if you sell 40 balls and 500 are sold, you will receive 8% of the proceeds (revenue minus prize money) towards your team tuition.

If you wish to sell balls, I think it's best if we have you reserve them in blocks of 20.  Listed below will be the blocks that are reserved.  If it is not listed, just contact me and I will reserve the block for you.  If you reserve a block, please try to sell all of those numbers (to ensure that all numbers are sold).  We will try to sell the remaining numbers at the event but the more balls sold the more money everyone makes.  After I give you your block of 20 (or 40), just write down on a piece of paper or spreadsheet the name and number of the person you sold the ball to.

Reserved Blocks
None Currently