Small Group Hitting

We are offering this small group hitting program in response to our Facebook Survey.  This was the most popularly requested program and we are excited to offer it.

Have you even noticed that your son or daughter starts the season slowly but by mid-season they are locked in?

There are three components to being successful at the plate;  timing, pitch selection (recognition) and mechanics (form).  This program will focus on the first two (timing and selection) with some attention to the third (mechanics).  As the season is fast approaching, you want your player to start the season in mid season form.  The best way to accomplish this is through correct repetitions.  There isn't much value in repetitions unless there is effort in all three of these areas.

This program is designed to give the students six weeks of intense training in preparation of the beginning of the season.  

1)  We are keeping the class size small so that they will have plenty of time with our teaching instructor

2)  The students will rotate through a series of drills specifically designed to work in one of these three areas 

3)  The students will face our premier pitching simulator, the Pro Batter PX2 (click here for demo) which will throw pitches specifically geared towards your players age and skill.

4)  Each class will have a short instructional period followed by intense repetitions which are monitored for correctness.
Mid Season Form Hitting Program

6 Weeks

When: Saturday 11:30 - 12:30

Dates:  Feb 23, Mar 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Tuition:  $150 non-members, $135 members

Maximum:  6 students