Facility Rules

Rules (please read and understand)

Principles to understand

Safety (yourself and others)

Respect others

Protect the turf

Clean up after yourself

Use only baseball area

There are video cameras and we will review them if necessary.  Memberships MAY be revoked at our discretion for rules violations


  1. Absolutely no drinks, seeds or any food on turf area (water permitted).  These can be consumed in waiting area.

  2. Use L-screens, helmets and other safety equipment at all times

  3. Do not leave ANY balls, bats or equipment behind

  4. Hitting nets should be retracted into the “closed” position.

  5. Baseballs and other equipment is located in the closet.  Please return after use.

  6. Use baseball area only.

  7. Members may use baseball facilities if nothing is scheduled.  Lessons and rentals take priority.  Please visit www.playballohio.com/calendar for availability.

Calendar Summary

As a member of Play Ball Sports Academy, you are allowed to use the facility any time it is open when nothing is scheduled.  You do not have to (and cannot) schedule ahead, it’s first come first served but players are encouraged to share the space if necessary.  There is enough room for both hitting cages to be in use and two pitching mounds to be in use at the same time.