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Brisk Consulting Referral Program

Welcome to the Brisk Custom Communications referral program.  

What does Brisk do?  
Brisk Custom Communications is a business to business telecommunications agent.  We are agents for Time Warner, AT&T, Earthlink and just about every other business to business telecommunications provider for services like Internet Bandwidth, local phone lines, Wide area connectivity (MPLS), long distance and much more.  

What is a good prospect for Brisk?
Every business uses telecommunications services.  We can handle businesses of any size but generally our sweet spot is with companies that spend at least $400 per month on their phone bill up to $100,000 per month.  We work very well with companies that have multiple locations, due to the complexity of connecting more than one location.  

What do I have to do to earn free lessons?
If you can schedule a meeting for one of our representatives with the person in your company (or other company) who is responsible (decision maker or heavy influencer) for the telecommunications services, you will earn free lessons (or a credit for other services), even if the person is you.  You will earn one free 45 minute lesson for each location they have that spends over $400 per month on their telecommunications services (excluding cell phone service), up to a maximum of 8-45 minute lessons or equivalent.

Must be with decision maker or heavy influencer
They must spend at least $400 per month per location
Appointment must be scheduled through you so that we don't have to play phone tag with the person

To schedule the appointment, just give me Dante call at (330) 940-3910 (o) or (330) 714-0252 (c) and I will give you some days/times that will work so that you can coordinate with the contact at your business.  

Click here for a brochure about Brisk Custom Communications or visit www.briskconsulting.com