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Welcome to the Buzzsaws 14u Gold team page.

Coaching Philosophy:  At 14 years old, players are only one year away from High School Baseball and each player should be proficient in at least one position.  Players will be given opportunities to tryout for any position, which includes pitching, but they will ultimately be asked to play only a few positions so they can continue to learn the nuances of each position.  Defensively, the players will be asked to make the routine plays and be able to execute the more fast paced plays like turning double plays, throwing runners out at bases by hitting cutoffs and execute in various situations.  They should be able to think quickly enough to be able to take advantage of their opponents mistakes.  Offensively, the players should have a particular hitting style and be comfortable in a particular spot in the batting order.  They will be expected to have an "approach" at the plate and to be able to execute bunts and sacrifice fly's.  Pitchers will be expected to throw strikes consistently, move the ball around the strike zone, change speeds and have at least one above average "out" pitch. It will be imperative for pitchers to hold runners.  Catchers will be expected to throw runners out consistently, frame pitches, call pitches and be a leader on the field.   Catchers will also be expected to understant their pitching staff and be able to help pitchers with their most common flaws during the game.  Infielders should be proficient at positioning themselves on the field, based on the batter and helping to position outfielders.  Infielders should also be active in their communication with other fielders so that everyone is playing together.  Overall, players will continue to learn the proper fundamentals of the game which should lead to winning to winning most games.  Winning is NOT the most important thing, but TRYING to win is.  This means that they will be expected to be on time for games and practices (players may be asked to arrive up to 90 minutes before game time) and maintain a positive, team oriented attitude.  In short, they will be asked to be a good teammate.  Coaches will understand that these are 14 year old boys and will keep the yelling to a minimum (except in cases where coaches need to get the players attention).  It will be a positive, learning experience for the players and the players will be expected to respect their coaches and teammates at all times.......and the coaches will do the same.  

:  The Buzz Saws will play in the SSBL and play around 20 regular season games, plus two local tournaments (9 to 12 additional games) and possibly a third tournament.

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2015 Team Tuition:  $1,350 ($90 uniform discount for returning players).  The tuition is broken down to explain everything that is included. Coach will be interviewed and selected by the Play Ball Sports Academy staff to meet the standards of our travel team philosophy.

Installment schedule:  The Buzzsaws training program is a year round developmental program, starting in September each year.  When a players accepts a position on the team, certain expenses are incurred starting in September.  If a player quits during the off-season, the expenses due to the point of his departure, including the non-refundable deposit, are still due and will be expected, even if the player did not participate in all available training opportunities.  The following schedule indicates the amount due during the off-season.

Acceptance of position on team  - $200 deposit (non-refundable)
September 1st - $143.75
October 1st - $143.75
November 1st - $143.75
December 1st - $143.75
January 1st - $143.75
February 1st - $143.75
March 1st - $143.75
April 1st - $143.75

NOTE:  Installment schedule and dates can be flexible, especially if agreeing to auto-payments.  However, this schedule represents the tuition owed as of that date in the event the player quits the team or is injured.