Summer Throwing Program - still accepting students

Major league, minor league and college pitchers maintain a throwing program through the year, including planned rest periods.  But unfortunately younger pitchers are not taught how to “manage” their arms with a throwing program during the season.  That's why I am introducing this summer throwing program for pitchers of all ages who want to maintain and improve their velocity, different pitches and arm conditioning.

The program will be offered 3 days per week on a schedule and place that is to be determined.  The sessions will last 90 minutes and pitchers are free to come any time within this time frame.  The idea is that pitchers should come to the throwing sessions twice per week, in coordination with their pitching schedule for their summer team.

Each session will consist of the following:

  • Leg conditioning (15 minutes) to improve velocity
  • Supervised warm-up and stretching (band work)
  • Long toss to improve velocity and arm conditioning
  • Supervised bullpens as desired (bring your catcher)
  • Work on mechanics
  • Help correcting pitches or working on new pitches
  • Opportunity to discuss strategy and mental approach with me

The goal is to teach the boys how to increase their velocity and maintain their arm during the summer season.  There will be pitchers from age 11 up to high school graduates participating.


Tuition will be $250 for the entire summer and will consist of three 90 minute throwing sessions per week.  Pro-rated tuition is available.  You will be contacted after registration to discuss the pro-rated rate which will be based on the time remaining in the program. 

Summer Throwing Program

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