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Functional Baseball Movement

New for the 2014/15 off season is Functional Baseball Movement training.  For those of you who are new, every year we try to improve upon the success we have and we are constantly trying to figure out the best way to build the proper fundamentals and the right time to do it.  Last year we introduced Target Training which was designed to help teach the boys how to develop their own practice routine that they can do on their own.  While that concept is still important, budget constraints do not permit us to offer both programs within the team tuition.  Therefore, we have decided to offer the Functional Baseball Movement training as part of the players tuition.  

The intent of this training is to force each student to take responsibility for the execution of these "baseball movements".  The term "functional" refers to the ability to use these movements to execute baseball plays.  We have identified a series of movements that each player, regardless of position, should be able to perform in a specific way.  We are requiring each player to graduate from the course on their own merit.  In the past, when we train groups, it is difficult to hold the entire group back if there is one player who cannot execute certain movements.  So those players may be shortchanged because they are not forced to execute the movements correctly and subsequently it can limit their ability to help the team and limit the fun they have playing the game.  We believe that the requirement that they graduate fro the course will put a new level of focus on their training.

Tuition - The tuition for this course is included in the Buzzsaws team tuition.  The retail price of this course, which is a one month course with 8 or 9 sessions, is $150.  Enrollment in the course will be for one, one month session, first come first served.  We will have our first course starting in November and we start a new course each month through March.  Your son can enroll in a course in any of those months.  One free "course" is included in the tuition.  What if your son does not graduate in one month?  If your son does not graduate in the one month free course, he can enroll in a course the following month for a discounted "Buzzsaws" rate of $80.  Why do I have to pay if it is mandatory?  The budget constraints do not allow us to offer these additional courses for free.  However, "hardship" scholarships will be considered, just ask and we'll discuss it.  Or, we can allow you to pay the tuition over time by adding it to your Buzzsaws team fee.  The reality is that if they need the additional time to complete the course, the tuition for this program is very reasonable.  It probably means he needs some sort of additional training anyhow, and this course is the best value for the parent.  We feel that if it's "free", it may not create the necessary incentive for the player pay attention and take ownership of his skills (and practice them outside of class).  Note:  Even though it's mandatory, we cannot FORCE you to enroll him in the class and his spot on his current team is not jeopardized.  But, as all playing time is earned, we are doing you and him a favor by letting you know that his skills are not up to par with his teammates when he can still do something about it.  

Enrollment  - Enrollment is on a first come first served basis.  This program will be opened up to the general public. Since this is our first year doing this, we will continue adding classes each month as the demand calls for it.  I'm not sure if players will sign up more in November or if they will wait until March.  To enroll, click here and look for the Functional Baseball Movement class.  Please make sure the schedule works for you as attendance will be taken.  We are only taking 8 players in a class so please do not sign up for a time that you cannot make all of the classes.