Private Instruction

Standard Rates** (Baseball or Softball)
(New Rates as of 8/1/17)

                                                                                    Non-Members     Members (10% discount)

30 minute session                                            $48.50                  $43.65                                        

45 minute session                                            $59                       $53.10                                         

60 minute session                                            $70                       $63                                       

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(New Rates as of 8/1/17)                           Non-Members     Members (10% discount)

30 minute tandem sessions              $36.38                          $32.74

45 minute tandem sessions              $44.25                          $39.83

60 minute tandem sessions              $52.50                          $47.25

      (Includes 2 students, $ = per player)

*Tandem rates only apply if the students coordinate their schedules.  If only one student shows up, standard lesson rate will apply.  We reserve the right to combine students into a tandem lesson for scheduling purposes and charge the standard lesson rate.  45 minute lessons will be combined into a 60 minute tandem session.

**these rates do not apply to lessons from Paul Hoover.  Click here for Paul Hoover's catching skills training and rates.