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GRIP- April 27th

posted Apr 29, 2013, 12:19 PM by Ty Moorhead

Attendance: 12
Message: Matthew 4:19
Theme: Get a GRIP on Being A Fisher Of Men

All great things must come to an end, but in reference to the season finale of GRIP, season two has just began!  All the participants celebrated a fine season of competition and growth by going to every kids weakness- PIZZA!  Both teams have competed with great efforts, spectacular mentalities, and cooperation supporting an array of christian morals and values throughout this season!  Once the pizza, chips, and drinks were gone, GRIP got down to business!

As we look back through the first season of GRIP, we can see many different steps in developing a stronger christian faith and living that faith out to the fullest.  Being a christian is not an easy task in today's society, but as we learned it is worth it.  From Jesus calling his first disciples in Matthew 4 to these students today inviting their friends, we strive to develop fisher of men.  Jesus instructed his first two disciples working the fishing nets by the sea to "COME, FOLLOW ME."  Not only did Jesus get their attention by directing them to come, he instructed them farther to follow him.  How do you think you would respond, if you were one of them working the nets and Jesus asked you to come and follow him?  I am certain some would drop everything like these fishermen did and follow him, while others would make an excuse to say no I am not interested and am busy at work.  We also can't forget about all the "stuff" we put emphasis on and how some people would not come or follow because they would have to get their bags packed and belongings rounded up.  God may be asking you today to come and follow him?  If he is, I encourage you to let go of the steering wheel and let him in the drivers seat.  As the verse goes on he instructs them after coming and following, they would make them fisher of men.  Many times in our christian walk we want the answers to the next step now, rather than enjoying the journey God sets us on gaining all he has to provide for us.  As the students were inspired to take the end of season one and make it their start to season two in rounding up future GRIP participants, I encourage you to do the same.  God has provided us with a spectacular program through the academy and we would love to see as many students prosper from it as we can. If you are uncertain how to do this, feel free to contact us.  More importantly hang on to the ride and see where God leads your heart.  Enjoy the journey of you coming, following, and being a fisher of men!  

Thank you to all the coaches, players, parents, and participants in making the first season of GRIP a huge success!  Please keep this program and leaders in your prayers as we look forward to the 2013-2014 GRIP season!

GRIP will return in the fall (late Nov/early Dec)......  God Bless Everyone!

GRIP- April 13th

posted Apr 22, 2013, 1:37 PM by Ty Moorhead

Attendance: 4
Message: Ecclesiastes 3
Theme: Get a GRIP on the 3 M's of Life

With an unbelievable display of athleticism from one of our youngest GRIP member, the scores have taken a huge leap!  The standings headed into the last week of GRIP for the season are:
Blue Team- 400,000 points
Red Team- 1,110,000 points

Beyond the stunning performance of the red team on Saturday night, we addressed the 3 Big M decisions in our lives.  The first and foremost important decision we will make is deciding who is going to be the MASTER of our life?  Are we going to live in an attitude of guiding and directing our own decisions being the master of our own universe.  The other alternative is surrendering our hearts, lives, and being to God and allow his spirit to work in and through us as the master.  In order to have God as the master, it comes from our acceptance of his son, Jesus, as our lord and savior.  The second M of our lives is accepting our MISSION on how God wants to use us.  This sometimes comes as a scare for people surrendering their lives to God and then the mission he may put them on which could lead them to being a missionary in some far away land.  Just because someone surrenders there life does not mean in any manner they will become a  missionary.  Speaking of our mission, it comes on a daily basis of accepting what Christ has done for everyone of us and taking the days journey as small stepping stone to complete our enlarged, lifelong mission.  The mission needs to be perceived from a large and small perspective.  All the steps involved are critical components in meeting our mission for God.  The third M is sharing our master and mission with a MATE.  God did not intend for man to be alone.  He enjoyed his company with Adam,. but knew he needed a companion.  From Adam, God created Eve from his rib.   For you and I, God has provided a mate for us to walk side by side with through the journey we call life.  There are infinite variable of personal reason, choices, and outlooks which can alter a persons patients, obedience, spiritual discipline to accept God's mate for them.  God is an on time God, he provides and meets our needs based upon his timing, not ours.  Looking at the 3 Big M's of our lives, we need to reflect, be prayerful, and obedient to allowing God to be our master daily, joyfully accept our mission daily, and selflessly share our journey with our mate.  I pray God's richest blessings touch your heart, inspire direction, and bring healing to any brokenness within these areas of your life.  God Bless!

COMING SOON:    GRIP    Saturday, April 27    6-7 pm    THIS IS THE LAST GRIP OF THE SEASON!!!

GRIP- March 30th

posted Apr 2, 2013, 3:11 PM by Ty Moorhead

Attendance: 11
Message: Ephesians 4:22-23
Theme: Get a GRIP on Being Transformed

The two hundred thousand points hurdle has been cleared by both teams Saturday night!  The scores stand:
Blue Team- 217,000 points
Red Team- 219,500 points
Have you ever seen the cartoon or movie Transformers?  The show has different objects such as cars, trucks, radios and other devices that transform themselves into life like beings.  They are perceived at one time being a particular object and before your eyes become another one.  The slogan for the show is, "Transformers, more than meets the eye!" God works in our lives everyday and he can transform us from the inside-out if we invite Him into our hearts.  Ephesians 4:22-23 talks about peeling ourselves of our old self and being renewed in the likeness of Christ through his acceptance.  Many people reflect upon their lives and see what it is they have as faults, flaws, failures, and ideas surrounding what they may never become.  We sometimes become consumed with these and miss the areas God wants to transform us. If you are in this category, I encourage you to LET GO, LET GOD.  God has a plan and purpose for all that happens in our lives not just yesterday, today, but even tomorrow.  In order for us to grow and develop we must do the following:

1- Recognize we are in a sinful world and are sinners.
2- Confess our sins to God through Prayer.
3- Invite Jesus into our hearts. (recognize the cross and sacrifice made)
4- Be transformed through the love, mercy, and grace of Jesus Christ.

I pray God uses this devotion to transform you, get your spiritual center focused upon HIm and the cross, lift you up from any hardship, and leave you surrounded by God's peace, love, and joy.

COMING SOON:    GRIP    Saturday, April 13, 2013    6-7pm

GRIP- March 16th

posted Mar 18, 2013, 12:19 PM by Dante Sabatucci

Message: Mark 12:30
Theme: Get a GRIP on the Cross

The intensity reached a new high Saturday night at GRIP!  The heated battle between teams in bringing friends, wearing team colors, and competing to the best of everyone's ability has brought the scores to an all time high!

Blue Team- 197,500 points
Red Team- 199,500 points

Spring is finally here and Easter is quickly approaching!  Saturday night we discussed on how to get a GRIP on the cross. What do you think about when you see the cross in front of a church, on a necklace, in a picture, etc?  Laying the facts out on the table we can all agree upon- no one is perfect because we live in a sinful world.  We are sinners yesterday, today, and tomorrow.   Looking at each and every one of our decisions we make can either lead us down the road of sinning or standing strong in faith knowing right from wrong.  The devil is going to try separating us from following, loving, and being holy to the Lord of Lords, Jesus.  He uses many instruments in tempting us to make wrong decisions.  Through personal maturity and spiritual growth we understand there is a price to be paid for our decisions.  Sometimes our choices do not directly impact ourselves, but the ramifications for our actions can effect someone else.  When we examine our sins, as believers, none of us have to publicly be beaten, climb onto a cross, be nailed through the wrist and ankles, wear a crown of thorns,  be punctured with a spear, and experience humility to the fullest.  By the sounds of it, not to many would volunteer to do such an act.  However, God sent His son for everyone of us to be saved.  Jesus hanging on the cross is the sacrifice made for every sin we commit. As believers, we carry the cross with us each day and should praise God for His Son.  To put it in a visual sense, sin is a whip we all have our hands on.  If we choose the road of sin, we use the whip on Jesus.  We have to remember all our decisions come with a price either directly or indirectly.  If we make the right decision we still live in a sinful world holding the whip, but choosing the right path we glorify God and leave the whip at rest.  All of the GRIP students accepted two challenges and we encourage you to do the same:

Challenge 1: When Easter is mention, put the focus on what Jesus did for all of us.  Its not about candy, Easter bunnies, cards, etc, but all about Jesus.  Use the mentioning of Easter as an opportunity in being  a vessel for God.  Use the gospel and knowledge you have of Jesus in sharing the news that HE HAS RISEN!

Challenge 2: From our visual earlier, we all hold the whip of sin.  We can choose to use the whip or leave it at rest.  When faced with temptation, take a step back and decide whether to use the whip or not.  Reflect upon the price paid for all our decisions, whether directly or indirectly.

God Bless!

COMING SOON:    GRIP    March 30, 2013    6-7pm    BRING A FRIEND!!!!

GRIP- March 2nd

posted Mar 4, 2013, 3:19 PM by Ty Moorhead

Attendance: 10
Message: Ephesians 6:10-18
Theme: Get a GRIP on the Full Armor of God

As energy was running high and tight all night, the red team made a surge ahead in the continual battle of points!  The totals stand as:

Blue Team- 141,000 points
Red Team- 149,000 points

There were many kids representing their team colors dressed head to toe in either blue or red last Saturday.  How many decisions went into choosing the outfit you are wearing right now?  Are you dressed up, looking casual, or just have those favorite sweat pants on enjoying a cold winter lazy day!  Whatever you have chosen to wear, I am sure it consist of several articles from underwear, socks, pants, shirt, and other flavorful accessories.  Saturday nights lesson was focused upon being dressed up daily as a christian.  In Ephesians we are told about putting on the full armor of God.  This is something we need to concentrate on daily and make sure we put each component on to the fullest.  Throughout our day we are faced with an unlimited amount of attacks from the devil in separating us from drawing near to God.  In order to continue our journey in knowing, loving, and serving God we must wear the full armor.  Being consistent in utilizing the armor, allows us to face the temptations and persevere through them victoriously and not stumble into a position of a victim.   The full armor of God is having foot gear of readiness (ready to go or move wherever God leads us), belt of truth (being honest, loyal, and never jeopardizing our character), breastplate of righteousness (protect our heart from any penetration of wickedness- do the right thing!), helmet of salvation (keep our thoughts clean, pure, and centered upon the sacrifice Jesus made for us on the cross), shield of faith (acronym- For Always I Trust Him- be committed to your beliefs to the fullest and use the shield to protect from the fiery arrows of the devil), and the sword of the spirit (use the bible to address every issue of our being, God's word is alive and fulfills any situation).  I encourage everyone to wear the full armor of God and utilize its power, direction, and protection every day of our existence.  Good always conquers evil and God has provided us with the gear to wear in living as an example for Him.  May God's richest blessing be with you and your family.  

Message Challenge: Will you accept the challenge to wake up every day and wear the full armor of God?

COMING SOON!    GRIP    Saturday, March 16th    6-7pm

GRIP- February 16th

posted Feb 18, 2013, 1:21 PM by Ty Moorhead

Attendance: 8
Message: Romans 12:9-13
Theme: Get a GRIP on the 5 P's to Living Your Life

This week the red team holds on to their close lead with the points battle coming to the closest its ever been!
Blue Team- 129,000 points
Read Team- 129,500 points
As youngsters, most everyone has seen an episode or two of Sesame Street.  Who knows, there may be a few of us today channel surfing and become fixated on Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, or Ernie antagonizing Burt from time to time.  Each episode is sponsored by a letter from the alphabet and on Saturday night, GRIP took the same approach with the letter P. On February 14th the country celebrated Valentine's Day.  A day filled with hearts, romance, giving, lots of chocolate, and themes centered around love.  The bible teaches on love in Romans 12.  Through these verses we are reminded that love is to be sincere, we are to cling to what is good, do not be lacking in our spiritual fervor, be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer, and share hospitality to the fullest!  The students learned how to implement these areas into their daily relationship with God by incorporating the 5 P's to living their life.  The first P is PASSION.  Having a passion within your heart to be or do something like no one else.  Passions come in all forms of striving to be the best athlete, student, brother, sister, employee, etc.  Once our passion is determined we can then make a plan that is very PRECISE.  Continuing our journey through goals in the first two months of 2013, it is critical for us to pursue our passion with a precise plan.  Our precision comes very focused and centered on our objective to obtain through short and long term goals.  The third P is PERSISTENT.  Day in and out we continue to stick with our precise plan that we are passionate about and we must continue to be persistent in achieving it to the maximum.  Solid persistence comes from a mind set of never giving up!  The fourth P is being POSITIVE.  Whenever anyone is striving to accomplish something, they do not need to look to far to find flaws or negativity in holding them back.  Keeping a mindset that is positive gives our inner spirit an encouragement to get through any obstacle victorious.  The final P is being PRAISEFUL. Regardless the outcome of what we strive for we need to remember to be praiseful in the opportunity to do what it is we do.  Although our objective may not be met, God sometimes leads us down a path to say yes, no, or not yet.  Incorporating the 5 P's into our lives gives us a focus upon each portion of the verse in how God instructs us to love.  My prayer today for everyone is to continue pushing forward to be the best you can be and set goals beyond your imagination.  Once we do this, reach up with our hearts, prayers, and hands to hang on to where God will lead us!  May God's richest blessing be with each of you!

COMING SOON:    GRIP    Saturday, March 2nd    6-7pm 

GRIP- February 2nd

posted Feb 4, 2013, 2:47 PM by Ty Moorhead

Attendance: 7
Message: Proverbs 3:5-6
Theme: Get a GRIP on Trusting God

Believe it or not folks, the teams continue to put on a tough display of competition to its finest!  The scores remain close as they come to an impressive tally after Saturday nights GRIP program.
Blue Team- 118,500 points
Red Team- 120,000 points
Have you ever heard the saying, "Life happens when your busy making plans." We continued our discussion around goals on Saturday night.  Many times in our lives, our plans get side tracked because of all the things that unexpectedly happen.  Some times these events can be blessings we never imagined, but usually they disrupt our own personal desires of progressing forward to what it is we think we want.  Another similar saying some of you may dwell upon is, "If you want to make God laugh, go ahead and make your plans."  Proverbs 3:5-6 puts things in perspective for us in relation to our goals and striving to meet God's will for our lives.  The verse states, "Trust in the Lord with all you heart, do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight."  To fully understand and comprehend these verses, it takes spiritual maturity from our spirits in knowing God is in control and desires the fullest for us when we seek Him with ALL our heart.  This can be very difficult because of our own selfish desires and expectations we hold onto in striving for what we think we want.  Looking back in my life, I had aspirations of being a major league baseball player.  I worked above and beyond in every capacity to increase my skills and setting my goal to play in the major leagues some day.  I had an excellent college career and earned the right to have a major league tryout.  When the big day came, my tryout went great and I was certain I was going to get a chance to be drafted.  Days and days of waiting by the phone, I slowly realized God's plans for my life were different.  The amount of growth I experienced during this time came from various methods.  I was able to see God wanting to use my ability in a powerful, influential way.  He was preparing me to share His gospel and use my talents to develop young baseball players.  Being part of the academy and the GRIP program is a tremendous experience and based upon all the gifts and talents I have been blessed with over the years, I can use these through instruction, development, and coaching young people throughout the program.  Linking this to the bible verse, I tried to understand the outcome based upon my expectations and desires of my life.  Surrendering my life to God, has opened numerous doors and elevated my spiritual maturity in trusting God to the fullest.  After all He knows what is best for me yesterday, today, and tomorrow!  In all my ways I try to acknowledge Him and I feel Him leading me down the straight path!  I pray God's richest blessing does the same for you and your family!  God Bless!

COMING SOON!!!!    GRIP    February 16th    6-7pm

GRIP- January 19th

posted Jan 22, 2013, 2:07 PM by Ty Moorhead   [ updated Feb 2, 2013, 12:47 PM ]

Message: Philippians 3:14
Theme: Get a GRIP on Goals

Another fun filled, action packed, exciting week at GRIP on Saturday!  The red team has surged ahead on the heated points battle!
Blue Team- 103,500 points
Red Team- 110,000 points
Saturday's lesson was on the theme of goals.  Through studies it is proven if someone mentions a goal and talks about it they have a 3% chance of achieving it.  The individuals who take the additional step of writing the goal down for them to see each day increase their achieving opportunity to 50%!  Goals are very important in our short term and long term development as athletes and individuals.  Three weeks into the 2013, most people have forgotten about their new year's resolution or have been so busy to give it any attention, it has fallen to the wayside.  The bible teaches about goals in Philippians.  The first word to the verse Phil. 3:14 is I.  This means all of us have our own goal we can pursue.  The second word is press or push.  The acronym for PUSH is Pray Until Something Happens.  In good and bad times of striving for our goals it is important we stay prayerful.  What is it that I press towards?  I press on towards the goal to win the prize.  To win something means we have to do the Work Involving Nobility!  In our desire to achieve, we develop character and allow our deepest passions to surface.  The ultimate prize for all of us is Heaven.  God tells us at the end of this verse on how to achieve Heaven.  It is, I press on towards the goal to win the prize in which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.  The way to get into Heaven is accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.  Each of the students had an opportunity to accept Jesus into their heart.  Being the relationship is personal between them and God, we as leaders do not know how many kids made this acceptance, but we know the Holy Spirit was alive, working, and the angels horns were celebrating!  Praise God for the opportunity and His awesome power!

COMING SOON: GRIP    February 2, 2013    6-7pm    BRING A FRIEND!!!!

GRIP- January 5th

posted Jan 8, 2013, 1:21 PM by Ty Moorhead

Attendance: 6
Message: Daniel 6
Theme: Get a GRIP on Courage

Saturday night was filled with a great amount of energy and enthusiasm from all the participants!  The teams battling for the point lead continued as the scores have reached a new high!
Blue Team- 93,500 points
Red Team- 90,000 points

The theme for GRIP on January 5th was getting a GRIP on courage.  We discussed the story in Daniel 6 about Daniel being tossed into the lions den. The story began with the back round information of Daniel being one of the three selected administrators overseeing 120 satraps (political leaders) that helped rule the kingdom.  The king was very pleased and honored Daniel was part of his administrative board with his ability in the earlier chapters being able to interpret dreams.  The two other administrators were jealous of Daniel and sought after ways of getting him in trouble.  They went to the king and ordered this to be put in writing as a decree stating everyone should bow down and worship the king.  The king listened and made the decree to the kingdom.  As time passed, the administrators caught Daniel praying in his room to God and with this evidence, they presented it to the king to have him reprimanded.  Once the king heard of this he had to follow through with the law since it was a written decree, therefore Daniel was tossed into a pit of lions.  After a wrestles night, the king returned to the pit where Daniel appeared completely unharmed!  Daniel explained how God provided an angel to seal the mouths of the lions and protected him from being harmed.  King Darius recognized God and gave him praise, while ordering the other administrators and their families to be tossed into the pit.  Before the individuals reached the floor of the pit, the lions devoured all of them!  From this point on, Darius ordered the kingdom to fear and be reverent to the God of Daniels.  

Each of us are faced with lions everyday looking to devour us and leave us in ruin.  It takes us a great amount of courage to stand up and fight the good fight, trust God in all areas of our lives, and continue taking our christian walk as a marathon and not a sprint.  There are many areas in athletics and life to demonstrate courage on a variety of levels.  This is not always easy to demonstrate courage as it sometimes goes against the grain of what is expected in society.  To be courageous requires an action and strength only given by God.  The kids were all challenged to recognize their personal courage, courage of others, and realize by doing the right thing they can be a living example of courage.  Living a courageous life, means to live a life that will make a difference not only in one's personal being, but the being of others!  

God Bless!

COMING SOON:    GRIP    Saturday, January 19, 2013    6-7:30pm 

GRIP- December 22nd

posted Dec 24, 2012, 5:53 AM by Ty Moorhead   [ updated Jan 3, 2013, 12:32 PM by Dante Sabatucci ]

Attendance: 15
Message: Luke 2:10
Theme: Get a GRIP on Christmas

This time of year has many different color of lights and decorations, but Saturday, December 22nd was filled with a sea of Red as they made a huge comeback in our intense competitions!  Following a heated. explosive battle of break em, the point values are:
Blue Team- 88,400 points
Red Team- 85,000 points

GRIP's devotion came from the book of Luke.  The group discussed all the knowledge of the true meaning of Christmas.  Collecting all the essentials such as Mary, Joseph, The Wise-men, Bethlehem, Jesus born in a manger, etc. we then dissected the words of the angel within the Christmas Story.  The angel appeared and said, "Do not be afraid."  Fear is a very powerful device used to run many people's lives.  The acronym for FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real.  Many times when we are afraid or have fear, our minds travel into areas never intended for our reality and pulls us off our path of following God through FAITH.  The acronym for FAITH is For Always I Trust Him.  Placing our faith in God, we are able to trust he has our best intentions and plan in store for each of us.  As the angel further instructs, good news is coming that carries great joy.  In order for anyone to achieve true joy in their life, they must first have Jesus, secondly focus upon Others, and lastly worry about Yourself.  Another acronym for everyone, JOY- Jesus, Others, Yourself! This good news traveling with great joy is not limited to anyone based on age, race, gender, etc.  It is offered for EVERYONE!!!!  The true meaning of Christmas, Christ is born!  The kids of GRIP were challenged to find and feel the true meaning of Christmas this season.  Accepting the challenge offers a chance for each of them to change their world.  Having the true meaning of Christmas and filling their hearts, lives, and souls with JOY leaves an everlasting impact on the people we interact throughout our days.  From Play Ball Sports Academy, Coaches, and myself, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May God's richest blessing be with you and your family during this special time of year. 

COMING SOON:     GRIP     January 5, 2013     6-:730pm   

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