Join us every other Saturday 6:00 to 7:00pm at Play Ball Sports Academy for  GRIP!  GRIP (God Really Is Personal) is a non-denominational Christian youth development opportunity for athletes of all ages and genders to enhance their personal lives and performance abilities on and off the playing fields.  GRIP is designed to be a healthy, safe, high energy environment to develop Christian morals, values, and beliefs found within the game of baseball and life.  GRIP is filled with action packed games, adventures, testimonies, music, baseball, and of course snacks!  For those who love competition, there are two teams- RED and BLUE, who compete for points each week.  New GRIP attendees are assigned to a team and can immediately participate in the competition which will result in prizes for the winning team at the end of the season.  

We look forward to seeing you and your friends be part of this unique opportunity. Come prepared to "get a GRIP!" See pricing details below. (We are seeking parent involvement within this program, if interested please contact Ty Moorhead 330·466·4748 or at tymoorhead@gmail.com.  There is no need to register for this program, you can simply show up if desired.  
ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS PROGRAM WILL GO TOWARDS OPERATING THE PROGRAM (excess funds will be donated to Meeting God in Baseball).
Donation:  $5 per person OR $7 if you bring a friend (for both of you).  Donation is NOT required.   

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  • GRIP- April 27th Attendance: 12Message: Matthew 4:19Theme: Get a GRIP on Being A Fisher Of MenAll great things must come to an end, but in reference to the season finale of GRIP, season two has just began!  All the participants celebrated a fine season of competition and growth by going to every kids weakness- PIZZA!  Both teams have competed with great efforts, spectacular mentalities, and cooperation supporting an array of christian morals and values throughout this season!  Once the pizza, chips, and drinks were gone, GRIP got down to business!As we look back through the first season of GRIP, we can see many different steps in developing a stronger christian faith and living that faith out to the ...
    Posted Apr 29, 2013, 12:19 PM by Ty Moorhead
  • GRIP- April 13th Attendance: 4Message: Ecclesiastes 3Theme: Get a GRIP on the 3 M's of LifeWith an unbelievable display of athleticism from one of our youngest GRIP member, the scores have taken a huge leap!  The standings headed into the last week of GRIP for the season are:Blue Team- 400,000 pointsRed Team- 1,110,000 pointsBeyond the stunning performance of the red team on Saturday night, we addressed the 3 Big M decisions in our lives.  The first and foremost important decision we will make is deciding who is going to be the MASTER of our life?  Are we going to live in an attitude of guiding and directing our own decisions being the master ...
    Posted Apr 22, 2013, 1:37 PM by Ty Moorhead
  • GRIP- March 30th Attendance: 11Message: Ephesians 4:22-23Theme: Get a GRIP on Being TransformedThe two hundred thousand points hurdle has been cleared by both teams Saturday night!  The scores stand:Blue Team- 217,000 pointsRed Team- 219,500 pointsHave you ever seen the cartoon or movie Transformers?  The show has different objects such as cars, trucks, radios and other devices that transform themselves into life like beings.  They are perceived at one time being a particular object and before your eyes become another one.  The slogan for the show is, "Transformers, more than meets the eye!" God works in our lives everyday and he can transform us from the inside-out if we invite Him into our ...
    Posted Apr 2, 2013, 3:11 PM by Ty Moorhead
  • GRIP- March 16th Attendance:15Message: Mark 12:30Theme: Get a GRIP on the CrossThe intensity reached a new high Saturday night at GRIP!  The heated battle between teams in bringing friends, wearing team colors, and competing to the best of everyone's ability has brought the scores to an all time high!Blue Team- 197,500 pointsRed Team- 199,500 pointsSpring is finally here and Easter is quickly approaching!  Saturday night we discussed on how to get a GRIP on the cross. What do you think about when you see the cross in front of a church, on a necklace, in a picture, etc?  Laying the facts out on the table we can all agree upon- no one ...
    Posted Mar 18, 2013, 12:19 PM by Dante Sabatucci
  • GRIP- March 2nd Attendance: 10Message: Ephesians 6:10-18Theme: Get a GRIP on the Full Armor of GodAs energy was running high and tight all night, the red team made a surge ahead in the continual battle of points!  The totals stand as:Blue Team- 141,000 pointsRed Team- 149,000 pointsThere were many kids representing their team colors dressed head to toe in either blue or red last Saturday.  How many decisions went into choosing the outfit you are wearing right now?  Are you dressed up, looking casual, or just have those favorite sweat pants on enjoying a cold winter lazy day!  Whatever you have chosen to wear, I am sure it consist of several articles from ...
    Posted Mar 4, 2013, 3:19 PM by Ty Moorhead
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