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posted Jan 30, 2012, 1:57 PM by Dante Sabatucci   [ updated Jan 30, 2012, 1:57 PM ]

It's crunch time for the Night at the Races event!! Please read this very carefully.

I believe we are well on our way to a successful event but the next week or so will determine how successful it will be. Some of you have turned in ticket stubs but the most important thing right now is to make sure that all of the information about tickets sold is entered via the online forms. Attached are the results of everything that has been entered so far as of 4:00 today. There are two spreadhseets attached. The first spreadsheet is for ticket sales/horse sales/advertisements sold. The second spreadsheet is a list of all of the horse names that we have so far. If you have sold a ticket, horse or advertisement and do not see it on this spreadsheet, please enter it online ASAP. Here is the link to the page - Click here

I am required to give SYB Hall the headcount for ordering the food by Thursday at noon. It is very important that we have an accurate count. So, if you have not sold your tickets yet, please let your TEAM REPRESENTATIVE know how many tickets/attendees you expect to sell. I will ask the team representatives to tally up the count of expected last minute ticket sales and make a judgement as to how many people to expect. It is important to collect the money ahead of time. We really do not want to sell any tickets at the door.

According to this spreadsheet, there are 139 tickets sold but I am confident that there are probably at least 60 more that are sold but not reported. That brings us to 200 attendees which is a successful event. However, EVERY TICKET THAT IS SOLD ABOVE 200 IS MORE PROFITABLE BECAUSE ALL OF THE COSTS ARE ALREADY COVERED. IF WE CAN GET TO 300 ATTENDEES, THIS WILL BE A VERY SUCCESSFUL EVENT FOR EVERYONE. WITH 45 PARTICIPANTS, THAT MEANS ONLY 2 OR 3 ADDITIONAL TICKETS SOLD ON AVERAGE PER PERSON. Keep in mind that this event does not benefit Play Ball Sports Academy in any way since all of the proceeds will be divided up among the participants, based on their participation. This event is for the benefit of each family that is participating.

I think we are ok on Horses sold. Right now I would like to concentrate on finishing up the race sponsors and business card advertisements. We have some half page and full page ads taken out but have not sold too many business card ads. We could probably use a couple more race sponsors too but I have a couple of people who have offered to buy them if needed. So, if anything, lets get some more $25 business card advertisements sold.

Wednesday, 2/1 - Estimated tickets that you WILL sell (if any) before the event - e-mail to team representative by Wednesday evening (team reps, please forward on Thursday morning)
Thursday, 2/2 by 12:00 (noon) - Tickets sold and entered online
Monday, 2/6 by 12:00 (noon) - advertisement/program sponsors/horses sold (the information for the programs is going to the printer).

If you have questions, please direct them to your team representative. I will be posting this message on the web-site.