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A's History

On July 23rd, 2017, the Akron A's will be inducted into the Greater Akron Baseball Hall of Fame!!

Our History
- The Akron A's were founded in 1996 as an 18+ amateur baseball program.  The team was comprised of former college and professional players who love the game and enjoyed playing baseball the right way.  Now, many of those players are currently coaching at the highest levels including Division I Universities and professional teams and at the high school level.  The Akron A's are currently known nationwide as one of the best amateur teams in the country.  We've won the Roy Hobbs AAAA World Series five times in the past 16 years and countless league titles and tournaments.  

The Akron A's youth program was founded in 2015 for the purpose of teaching these established principles to the next generation of talented baseball players.  Those principles are, in part, listed below:

A’s Tradition of Character Traits

Mentally Tough

Know your Role - Do your Job

Great Teammate

Love the Game

Know the Situation

Hustle everywhere

Make the Routine Plays Consistently


Relationships - Teamwork - Championships

Our teams have won tournaments, leagues championships and more.  We credit these successes to playing the game the right way.  We strive to be the most fundamentally sound team with a great attitude and love for the game.  

Our Philosophy - From the beginning, the team was designed to be part of a developmental program.  Many of the players who have joined the program fall into two categories 1)  Players who are immensely talented but need direction, refinement and discipline; 2)  Players who are marginally talented but possess a passion for baseball and a desire to play at the next level which may be high school, Varsity high school or college.  We typically do not attract the players who are bigger, faster and stronger than everyone else, even thought they should be looking for a program just like ours.  Think about it, if your son was the next Beethoven, would you have someone who has never taught high level piano "teach" your child?  No, you would find the best instructor you could, even if there was an investment involved.  Sometimes these players are better because they happen to be older than the other players (6 months makes a big difference) or because they happened to go through a growth spurt earlier than other kids.  
Unfortunately, many of these players discover that they are no longer bigger, faster and stronger than the other kids once they reach high school age and find out that their skills are lacking.  Often time, our students/players surpass those players who have been the star because their skills are more refined.  Our goal is to develop baseball skills through proper technique, correct repetition and encouragement.  By coaching the kids into the season, there is an opportunity to make corrections during the season that are difficult to make with kids who leaving our training once the season starts.  The developmental process is a year-round process for many of our players.  This is not to say that our kids are training in baseball year round, as we believe that they should play other sports and develop their athletic skills beyond baseball.  But athletic training is a constant process so we have opportunities for the players to develop themselves athletically all 12 months of the year.  

Our Tuition
Our tuition is all inclusive of training and we do not require fund-raising.  About half of our tuition is to cover teams expenses (league fees, insurance, fields, umpires, tournaments, baseball supplies etc.) and about half is to pay our instructors and coaches and training facilities.