Purpose Pitch Program

The Purpose Pitch Program is our premier program for pitchers who desire to attain the next level

The key word in the previous sentence is "desire".  When it comes to exceptional athletes, desire and motivation comes from within.  If someone else must push an athlete (such as a parent), the athlete is less likely to reach his or her full potential.  The Purpose Pitch Program is for those athletes who have the internal motivation to become as good as they possibly can.  For those athletes, the missing link can be knowledge and resources.  The Purpose Pitch Program is designed to offer a complete pitcher's training program, similar to what they would get at a major university or minor league baseball organization.  This would includes everything like video analysis, mental training, speed and explosion development, nutrition and injury prevention training and much more, all within an organized framework developed specifically for the pitcher.  Most importantly, the pitcher will have a team of specialty coaches who are all focused on helping the pitcher maximize his talent.  It's meant for pitchers aged 12 and up and is affordable for families who are willing to make a reasonable investment.

How good can you become?

Why do pitchers stagnate?

The biggest reason that pitchers don’t reach the next level is because they lack a training program with a purpose.  The Purpose Pitch Program is designed to help you reach the next level by helping you get the most out of yourself.

What does this program entail?

This program is designed to put you on a path towards the next level that you desire to attain.  That next level could be:

  • Become a starter on your travel team.
  • The high school freshman or JV team
  • The high school varsity team
  • College baseball


We will develop a plan with goals and targets to strive for along with all of the support, training, knowledge and coaching needed to help you attain your goal.  You will supply the desire, the hard work (even when nobody is watching) and the positive attitude and together we will find out how good you can become.


What’s missing from your current program?

Does your current program offer the following opportunities?

Every pitching coach will teach you their version of the mechanics and some pitches.  But does your pitching program include:

  • Goals with a planned timeline
  • Video analysis
  • Nutrition seminars
  • Complete speed, explosion and strength training
  • Long throw program
  • Velocity program
  • Injury prevention seminars
  • Access to a certified trainer via injury hotline
  • Membership to indoor training facility

In short, is your current program COMPLETE?

Purpose Pitch Seasons