Catching Programs

New Catching Programs coming soon! (updated 7/19/17)

Ages:  10 through 18

Definition of Field General - The catcher is the leader on the field.  He is responsible for calling defensive plays, base calls during a play, building rapport with the umpire and being a pseudo-psychologist with the pitcher.  He must be a good receiver, blocker and be a threat to throw out runners.     

The responsibilities of a catcher are probably greater than any other position with the possible exception of the pitcher.  The skills required to execute those responsibilities are extremely diverse.  The catching position constantly requires the player to do things that are unnatural which is why it is important to work on those skills in the off-season.  The most important thing about becoming a successful catcher is that the player WANTS to catch.  Being a catcher beats up your body as their JOB is to physically get in front of bad pitches and block them with whatever body part happens to be in the way (hopefully not by accident).  Also, the catcher must practice all of the skills until they become second nature.  There is not enough time to think behind the plate as the ball is being delivered.   We will teach the catcher the proper mechanics, footwork, positioning to do their job but the only way to become a good catcher is to PRACTICE these skills. We will also teach provide mental coaching for the catchers to understand their role as a leader on the field.  Every good team has a great field general. 

These programs will be run by Rob Beahn (bio) who played professionally for the Washington Wild Things of the Frontier league.  He is now a catching/hitting instructor for Play Ball Sports Academy and has coached youth catching for the past five years.  Coach Beahn is also available for private lessons.  

This program will consist of sessions to focus on the correct fundamentals for the most basic skills such as:
  • Receiving
  • Footwork
  • Throwing
  • Blocking
  • Pop-ups

Each program attendee will:

  • Receive instruction about the proper fundamentals for these skills
  • Be taught some drills to reinforce good mechanics of these skills
  • Receive personalized attention from Coach Rob to make sure the student understands the skill properly
  • Compete with other students to help sharpen their skills.
Leadership Skills
  • Calling pitches
  • Managing the pitcher
  • Working with the umpire
  • Calling defensive plays
  • Base calls
  • Much more