New G.R.I.P program COMING SOON

posted Oct 18, 2012, 2:14 PM by Dante Sabatucci
Join us Saturday, November 10 from 6 to 730pm at Play Ball Sports Academy for the opening ceremonies of our newest program called GRIP!  GRIP (God Really Is Personal) is a christian development opportunity for athletes of all ages and genders to enhance their personal lives and perfomance abilities on and off the playing fields.  GRIP is designed to be a healthy, safe, high energy environment to develop christian morals, values, and beliefs found within the game of baseball and life.  GRIP is filled with action packed games, adventures, testimonies, music, baseball, and of course snacks!  We look forward to seeing you and your friends be part of this unique opportunity. Come prepared to "get a GRIP!" See pricing details below. (We are seeking parent involvment within this program, if interested please contact Ty Moorhead 330·466·4748).  To register, contact Ty Moorhead directly at
ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS PROGRAM WILL GO TOWARDS OPERATING THE PROGRAM (excess funds will be donated to Meeting God in Baseball).
Donation:  $5 per person OR $7 if you bring a friend (for both of you).