Team Notes: The Buzzsaws are a high school developmental program. The purpose of this team is twofold. First, to prepare the players for their high school tryouts. Secondly, to play a competitive summer schedule. This team is made up of a core of players who have been together for two or three years now and we are looking to finalize the roster with players who will make the team better so that all players can get better together. At this age, they should have their own workout and training routine but we will help them develop one if they don't.

Games: The Buzzsaws will play in the Prospects League and play around 18 - 20 regular season/independent games, plus three tournaments. The tournaments will be selected by the coach for their competitiveness.

Player Tuition: $1,150 ($90 returning player discount applies)

Tuition includes: September practices, Winter workouts with Coach Jimmy, Pre-high school tryout workouts at KSU. Tuition also includes an individual membership to the academy so that the boys can have access to batting cages and other training equipment and space. Tuition also includes all of the in-season expenses including practice fields (4 dates), games fields, tournaments, league fees, insurance, baseball and other supplies, umpires. Additional expenses not covered are: additional practices (coach's discretion), coaches travel expenses, shared tbd (gas, food, lodging).