GRIP- April 13th

Post date: Apr 22, 2013 8:37:14 PM

Attendance: 4

Message: Ecclesiastes 3

Theme: Get a GRIP on the 3 M's of Life

With an unbelievable display of athleticism from one of our youngest GRIP member, the scores have taken a huge leap!  The standings headed into the last week of GRIP for the season are:

Blue Team- 400,000 points

Red Team- 1,110,000 points

Beyond the stunning performance of the red team on Saturday night, we addressed the 3 Big M decisions in our lives.  The first and foremost important decision we will make is deciding who is going to be the MASTER of our life?  Are we going to live in an attitude of guiding and directing our own decisions being the master of our own universe.  The other alternative is surrendering our hearts, lives, and being to God and allow his spirit to work in and through us as the master.  In order to have God as the master, it comes from our acceptance of his son, Jesus, as our lord and savior.  The second M of our lives is accepting our MISSION on how God wants to use us.  This sometimes comes as a scare for people surrendering their lives to God and then the mission he may put them on which could lead them to being a missionary in some far away land.  Just because someone surrenders there life does not mean in any manner they will become a  missionary.  Speaking of our mission, it comes on a daily basis of accepting what Christ has done for everyone of us and taking the days journey as small stepping stone to complete our enlarged, lifelong mission.  The mission needs to be perceived from a large and small perspective.  All the steps involved are critical components in meeting our mission for God.  The third M is sharing our master and mission with a MATE.  God did not intend for man to be alone.  He enjoyed his company with Adam,. but knew he needed a companion.  From Adam, God created Eve from his rib.   For you and I, God has provided a mate for us to walk side by side with through the journey we call life.  There are infinite variable of personal reason, choices, and outlooks which can alter a persons patients, obedience, spiritual discipline to accept God's mate for them.  God is an on time God, he provides and meets our needs based upon his timing, not ours.  Looking at the 3 Big M's of our lives, we need to reflect, be prayerful, and obedient to allowing God to be our master daily, joyfully accept our mission daily, and selflessly share our journey with our mate.  I pray God's richest blessings touch your heart, inspire direction, and bring healing to any brokenness within these areas of your life.  God Bless!

COMING SOON:    GRIP    Saturday, April 27    6-7 pm    THIS IS THE LAST GRIP OF THE SEASON!!!