4" wrapping instructions

Step 1 - Make sure bat handle is clean and ready for tape.  Remove adhesive backing.  Try not to allow the tape to fold over and stick to itself.Step 2 - Lay the entire edge of the tape along the bat handle all the way down to the knob.Step 3 - Wrap the tape around the bat.  The tape is pliable and will stretch a bit.  Stretch it as you wrap the bat to avoid bubbles or wrinkles.  Step 4 - Optional - Trim the overlap away with a carpet knife IF DESIRED for comfort.  The overlap will not diminish the performance of the tape.  Only and adult should perform this step.

Finished.  Notice that the tape is affixed all the way to the knob of the bat. 

Tape works best with 3M batting gloves with the interlocking gripping material sen into the gloves.  The gripping fingers offer the ability to grip lighter and hold tighter, even in wet conditions.