GRIP- April 27th

Post date: Apr 29, 2013 7:19:14 PM

Attendance: 12

Message: Matthew 4:19

Theme: Get a GRIP on Being A Fisher Of Men

All great things must come to an end, but in reference to the season finale of GRIP, season two has just began!  All the participants celebrated a fine season of competition and growth by going to every kids weakness- PIZZA!  Both teams have competed with great efforts, spectacular mentalities, and cooperation supporting an array of christian morals and values throughout this season!  Once the pizza, chips, and drinks were gone, GRIP got down to business!

As we look back through the first season of GRIP, we can see many different steps in developing a stronger christian faith and living that faith out to the fullest.  Being a christian is not an easy task in today's society, but as we learned it is worth it.  From Jesus calling his first disciples in Matthew 4 to these students today inviting their friends, we strive to develop fisher of men.  Jesus instructed his first two disciples working the fishing nets by the sea to "COME, FOLLOW ME."  Not only did Jesus get their attention by directing them to come, he instructed them farther to follow him.  How do you think you would respond, if you were one of them working the nets and Jesus asked you to come and follow him?  I am certain some would drop everything like these fishermen did and follow him, while others would make an excuse to say no I am not interested and am busy at work.  We also can't forget about all the "stuff" we put emphasis on and how some people would not come or follow because they would have to get their bags packed and belongings rounded up.  God may be asking you today to come and follow him?  If he is, I encourage you to let go of the steering wheel and let him in the drivers seat.  As the verse goes on he instructs them after coming and following, they would make them fisher of men.  Many times in our christian walk we want the answers to the next step now, rather than enjoying the journey God sets us on gaining all he has to provide for us.  As the students were inspired to take the end of season one and make it their start to season two in rounding up future GRIP participants, I encourage you to do the same.  God has provided us with a spectacular program through the academy and we would love to see as many students prosper from it as we can. If you are uncertain how to do this, feel free to contact us.  More importantly hang on to the ride and see where God leads your heart.  Enjoy the journey of you coming, following, and being a fisher of men!  

Thank you to all the coaches, players, parents, and participants in making the first season of GRIP a huge success!  Please keep this program and leaders in your prayers as we look forward to the 2013-2014 GRIP season!

GRIP will return in the fall (late Nov/early Dec)......  God Bless Everyone!