GRIP- February 16th

Post date: Feb 18, 2013 9:21:23 PM

Attendance: 8

Message: Romans 12:9-13

Theme: Get a GRIP on the 5 P's to Living Your Life

This week the red team holds on to their close lead with the points battle coming to the closest its ever been!

Blue Team- 129,000 points

Read Team- 129,500 points

As youngsters, most everyone has seen an episode or two of Sesame Street.  Who knows, there may be a few of us today channel surfing and become fixated on Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, or Ernie antagonizing Burt from time to time.  Each episode is sponsored by a letter from the alphabet and on Saturday night, GRIP took the same approach with the letter P. On February 14th the country celebrated Valentine's Day.  A day filled with hearts, romance, giving, lots of chocolate, and themes centered around love.  The bible teaches on love in Romans 12.  Through these verses we are reminded that love is to be sincere, we are to cling to what is good, do not be lacking in our spiritual fervor, be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer, and share hospitality to the fullest!  The students learned how to implement these areas into their daily relationship with God by incorporating the 5 P's to living their life.  The first P is PASSION.  Having a passion within your heart to be or do something like no one else.  Passions come in all forms of striving to be the best athlete, student, brother, sister, employee, etc.  Once our passion is determined we can then make a plan that is very PRECISE.  Continuing our journey through goals in the first two months of 2013, it is critical for us to pursue our passion with a precise plan.  Our precision comes very focused and centered on our objective to obtain through short and long term goals.  The third P is PERSISTENT.  Day in and out we continue to stick with our precise plan that we are passionate about and we must continue to be persistent in achieving it to the maximum.  Solid persistence comes from a mind set of never giving up!  The fourth P is being POSITIVE.  Whenever anyone is striving to accomplish something, they do not need to look to far to find flaws or negativity in holding them back.  Keeping a mindset that is positive gives our inner spirit an encouragement to get through any obstacle victorious.  The final P is being PRAISEFUL. Regardless the outcome of what we strive for we need to remember to be praiseful in the opportunity to do what it is we do.  Although our objective may not be met, God sometimes leads us down a path to say yes, no, or not yet.  Incorporating the 5 P's into our lives gives us a focus upon each portion of the verse in how God instructs us to love.  My prayer today for everyone is to continue pushing forward to be the best you can be and set goals beyond your imagination.  Once we do this, reach up with our hearts, prayers, and hands to hang on to where God will lead us!  May God's richest blessing be with each of you!

COMING SOON:    GRIP    Saturday, March 2nd    6-7pm