GRIP- January 5th

Post date: Jan 8, 2013 9:21:31 PM

Attendance: 6

Message: Daniel 6

Theme: Get a GRIP on Courage

Saturday night was filled with a great amount of energy and enthusiasm from all the participants!  The teams battling for the point lead continued as the scores have reached a new high!

Blue Team- 93,500 points

Red Team- 90,000 points

The theme for GRIP on January 5th was getting a GRIP on courage.  We discussed the story in Daniel 6 about Daniel being tossed into the lions den. The story began with the back round information of Daniel being one of the three selected administrators overseeing 120 satraps (political leaders) that helped rule the kingdom.  The king was very pleased and honored Daniel was part of his administrative board with his ability in the earlier chapters being able to interpret dreams.  The two other administrators were jealous of Daniel and sought after ways of getting him in trouble.  They went to the king and ordered this to be put in writing as a decree stating everyone should bow down and worship the king.  The king listened and made the decree to the kingdom.  As time passed, the administrators caught Daniel praying in his room to God and with this evidence, they presented it to the king to have him reprimanded.  Once the king heard of this he had to follow through with the law since it was a written decree, therefore Daniel was tossed into a pit of lions.  After a wrestles night, the king returned to the pit where Daniel appeared completely unharmed!  Daniel explained how God provided an angel to seal the mouths of the lions and protected him from being harmed.  King Darius recognized God and gave him praise, while ordering the other administrators and their families to be tossed into the pit.  Before the individuals reached the floor of the pit, the lions devoured all of them!  From this point on, Darius ordered the kingdom to fear and be reverent to the God of Daniels.  

Each of us are faced with lions everyday looking to devour us and leave us in ruin.  It takes us a great amount of courage to stand up and fight the good fight, trust God in all areas of our lives, and continue taking our christian walk as a marathon and not a sprint.  There are many areas in athletics and life to demonstrate courage on a variety of levels.  This is not always easy to demonstrate courage as it sometimes goes against the grain of what is expected in society.  To be courageous requires an action and strength only given by God.  The kids were all challenged to recognize their personal courage, courage of others, and realize by doing the right thing they can be a living example of courage.  Living a courageous life, means to live a life that will make a difference not only in one's personal being, but the being of others!  

God Bless!

COMING SOON:    GRIP    Saturday, January 19, 2013    6-7:30pm