GRIP- February 2nd

Post date: Feb 4, 2013 10:47:17 PM

Attendance: 7

Message: Proverbs 3:5-6

Theme: Get a GRIP on Trusting God

Believe it or not folks, the teams continue to put on a tough display of competition to its finest!  The scores remain close as they come to an impressive tally after Saturday nights GRIP program.

Blue Team- 118,500 points

Red Team- 120,000 points

Have you ever heard the saying, "Life happens when your busy making plans." We continued our discussion around goals on Saturday night.  Many times in our lives, our plans get side tracked because of all the things that unexpectedly happen.  Some times these events can be blessings we never imagined, but usually they disrupt our own personal desires of progressing forward to what it is we think we want.  Another similar saying some of you may dwell upon is, "If you want to make God laugh, go ahead and make your plans."  Proverbs 3:5-6 puts things in perspective for us in relation to our goals and striving to meet God's will for our lives.  The verse states, "Trust in the Lord with all you heart, do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him and he will make your paths straight."  To fully understand and comprehend these verses, it takes spiritual maturity from our spirits in knowing God is in control and desires the fullest for us when we seek Him with ALL our heart.  This can be very difficult because of our own selfish desires and expectations we hold onto in striving for what we think we want.  Looking back in my life, I had aspirations of being a major league baseball player.  I worked above and beyond in every capacity to increase my skills and setting my goal to play in the major leagues some day.  I had an excellent college career and earned the right to have a major league tryout.  When the big day came, my tryout went great and I was certain I was going to get a chance to be drafted.  Days and days of waiting by the phone, I slowly realized God's plans for my life were different.  The amount of growth I experienced during this time came from various methods.  I was able to see God wanting to use my ability in a powerful, influential way.  He was preparing me to share His gospel and use my talents to develop young baseball players.  Being part of the academy and the GRIP program is a tremendous experience and based upon all the gifts and talents I have been blessed with over the years, I can use these through instruction, development, and coaching young people throughout the program.  Linking this to the bible verse, I tried to understand the outcome based upon my expectations and desires of my life.  Surrendering my life to God, has opened numerous doors and elevated my spiritual maturity in trusting God to the fullest.  After all He knows what is best for me yesterday, today, and tomorrow!  In all my ways I try to acknowledge Him and I feel Him leading me down the straight path!  I pray God's richest blessing does the same for you and your family!  God Bless!

COMING SOON!!!!    GRIP    February 16th    6-7pm