Competition Camp


The "funnest" camp around

Enjoy three days of baseball competition, skills and fun!!  This is the eighth annual competition camp and every year we add new games and fun ways to learn baseball skills.  This camp is run by Coach Jimmy Summers with the help from Coach Dante Sabatucci and a few A's players and local high school and college players (as needed).  

Stark County: 

Location: First Friends Church 5455 Market Ave. N, Canton

Dates: June 5th - June 7th

Ages: 9-14 (3 Days) 

2-3 Fields so we can split them up by age groups



** Camp Tuition:  $110 **



Competition Concept - the boys will be divided into equal groups based on their ages and they will be competing for the camp MVP in each age group.  For each skill that we cover, there will be an opportunity for repetitions followed by a competition in each category.  Baseball is a game of athleticism and skill so some of the competitions will revolve around pure athleticism while others will focus more on executing a skill correctly.

What to bring/wear



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