Buzzsaws Target Training (aka Open Workout Coach)

The concept of the target training stems from the fact that baseball players need to develop their own workout routine.  As an example, basketball players do not develop their dribbling or shooting skills during team practices because there isn't enough time.  The best basketball players probably spend an hour or two per day on their own practicing their shooting and dribbling skills in addition to participating in team practices.  Baseball players should be doing the same thing with their throwing, hitting and fielding skills.  

The target training coach (RJ Vukovich) will be at the academy at the scheduled times to help youth players develop their own workout routine and to be there as a resource in making sure they are doing it right.  Players can come to the academy during any of these times (for their age group), like an open house, and leave whenever they are done. RJ will be there to answer questions, to provide his experiences and advice and to be an accountability coach.  We are hoping this new concept will evolve in ways that we haven't thought of to help all players become the best they can be.  To find your schedule, click on your age group and look for "Target Training" on the schedule.