15/16 Fall Ball

If you would like to be considered for our 16u fall ball team, please send an e-mail to dante@playballohio.com. This team will be very competitive and we are looking for certain positions to fill. Please include the team your son played for in the summer, his top two positions and any information that will help us determine if he will be a good fit for our team.


The schedule is (will be) contained below on the calendar. Click "agenda" to see it as a chronological list.

All Home games are at CVCA High School. Home games are indicated by "versus". (ie doubleheader versus Ohio Storm Black)

Away games are indicated by "@" (ie doubleheader @ Akron Aces)

All away games are at different fields. Click the schedule link below to find the name of the field and the field locations link to find the address.

Click here for the league schedule page with links to away game fields

Click here for the field locations

SCHEDULE: (Subject to change)

August 26th (Saturday): DH vs. Stanley Steamers at Marlinton HS @ 2 pm

September 2nd (Saturday): DH vs. Green Bulldogs at Greenburg Park @ 10 am

September 9th (Saturday): DH vs. Norton Panthers at Norton HS @ 2 pm

September 16th (Saturday): DH vs. Stow Yardgoats at CVCA HS @ 10 am

September 24th (Sunday): DH vs. Ohio Glaciers at Pemberton Park (Youngstown) @ 12pm

September 30th (Saturday): DH vs. Ohio Torque at Old Clinton HS @ 10 am

October 7th (Saturday): DH vs. Ohio Wildcats at BMX Field 6 (By Goodyear Air Dock) @ 10 am