April Schedule

Post date: Mar 19, 2013 10:32:05 PM

As previously communicated, April is intended to be like "Spring Training" where we will get as much work in as the weather allows. This means group workouts, practices and scrimmages. If someone suggests a scrimmage, we will take advantage of it. We will also have the opportunity to play some intra-squad scrimmages which we will do. Here is the schedule as we know it right now.

April Spring Training schedule (please read, very important) - The schedule in April will be modified to try and take advantage of the weather when it is good but still keep somewhat of a regular schedule when it isn't. Starting the first week of April, there will no longer be a Sunday practice for 12u. The 12u practice will be moved to Saturday at 10:00 - 11:30. All other practices will be moved back 30 minutes (10/11u 11:30 - 1:00 etc.). However if the weather is good, we will be outside or scrimmaging somewhere. I will send individual team e-mails about your practice schedule and plan within the next 24 hours. I would like for the boys to be with their team and age group as soon as April starts because we will start working on team and age specific items such as defensive situations, bunt coverages, first and third situations, cutoff from the outfield, pickoff plays offensive plays etc.. It is VERY important that the boys know these plays for the positions that they want to play. Read my comments (rant) about position play here. The coaches will be officially taking over their teams in April and you should expect that all communications will come from them. Here are some dates to put on your calendar.

April 6th - Field maintenance day from 9-12

April 6th - Outdoor practice at different times (see your age group)

April 13th - Outdoor practice (weather permitting). Indoor practice if weather is bad (see your age group)

April 15th approximately - Announcement of Varsity/JV rosters - Click here for more details about Varsity/JV decisions

April 22nd - Official first day of possible games

May 11th - Home opener at Double Play (Baseball, Hot dogs and apple pie)

Other rough dates

March 29th +/- = schedules completed

April 15th - Uniforms delivered (see below)

May 1st - Team fee completely paid (or other arrangements made. No uniforms if agreeable arrangements aren't made beforehand). If you have been paying installments and have a small balance (< $400) I am not as concerned as those who who have larger balances. I personally paid over $3,000 last year from unpaid team fees for players who are not in the program any more.