Buzzsaws Updates

Post date: May 6, 2013 6:24:51 PM

This is going out to all Buzzsaws parents. I will try to keep it brief.

Great News!! - Lakeview field on Graham Rd is ready for us to use for practice. I just got the word over the weekend that it has been completed and I have asked the coaches to give me a practice schedule that we can publish and communicate. I want to give all of the credit for the use of this field to John Prusa. Those of you who are from Stow know that he is a major driver behind some of the facilities improvements over the past few years. John personally donated his time, equipment and money to completely renovate the infield at Lakeview for us to use. I will be helping the school figure out the best use for this field moving forward but for this year we will have first priority and we will control the schedule or practice use. Note: I have instructed my coaches that it is imperative that we do not hit any baseballs into the yards of the adjacent homes. It is a long hit (280+) so I don't expect it to happen but it is very important for the use of this field that we do not upset the neighbors. Practices with team coaches and Coach Jimmy will be scheduled and published in the next 24 hours.

Highpoint Lawn Service - I also want to give a plug to John's business which is Highpoint Lawn Service. As I said, he has donated his time and money to fix this field and this is not the first time he has done this for Stow. If you are considering getting a lawn service this summer, please give them a call at (330) 688-8500. I have contracted for them to service my house this year and they even did the first application for free. My lawn looks excellent right now after "struggling" last year. This plug is completely unsolicited and he does not know that I am sending this message out. But I feel that its important to support local business who support the community and Highpoint Lawn Service has certainly shown that support.

Player of the Week ballots - I am awaiting all of the nominations for player of the week voting to begin this week. Each Tuesday I will post a poll on the web-site. You can find the link on the main Buzzsaws page. There will be a nominee from each team and the winner will get some gift cards and recognition. Also, all of the program sponsors will be promoted each week on the page so please take a moment to read about their business to see if it's a service you would be looking for. The banners for the sponsorships should also be ready in the next day or two and will be displayed at each game. One of the ways I plan to keep costs down in the future and maybe even reduce the player fees is through sponsors. So please help me prove to the sponsors that the Buzzsaws can be a boost to their business by mentioning when decide to do business with them.

QuEST - Look for an update in the next few days about QuEST. I think it's important for the kids to continue in QuEST during the season and I am going to be sending an update about QuEST that will hopefully make it easier for the players to participate.

Gamechanger - We are still looking for someone from a few of the teams (11u, 13u V and 14u JV) to become the official scorekeeper using gamechanger. This app will help me and Coach Jimmy to keep up with what's going on and get a feel for the games. Please get a hold of me if you'd like to do it and have reasonable understanding of scorekeeping.

Opening Day - Several of you have offered to help out for Opening Day this Saturday but those e-mail responses are buried so please let me know if you are one of them. There isn't much to do but it would be helpful to have one volunteer from each team. Basically, I will be asking people from each team to bring one item like hots dogs, buns, drinks, dessert etc. for all to share. Also, I am looking for a few people who could provide a grill to be used on Saturday. We will be cooking hot dogs all day long so I may need a few volunteers to man the grill for an hour at a time. Other items that could be helpful are: large cooler, large tables etc. If you want to help in any way, please let me know.