Installment Reminder

Post date: Nov 3, 2012 5:57:15 PM


This is a reminder that the second installment is due and a brief reminder of your payment options. I will need to send an installment reminder once per month because I have no way of easily sending individual statements. My apologies if you have pre-paid or already sent your November installment.

1) Pay online - login to your mindbodyonline (click here) account and click on the "account" link under the "my info" tab. Click the "make payment" button at the bottom which will list your balance and allow you to choose the amount you want to pay via credit card (divide the balance by 7 to figure out your November installment). It should be fairly straight forward but let me know if you have any questions.

2) Mail a check - login to your mindbody account and check you balance (see above). You can mail your check to:

Play Ball Sports Academy

2846 Lakeland Parkway

Silver Lake, OH 44224

3) Set up auto pay - just login to you account above and enter your credit card information under the "profile" link on the "my info" tab. Once you enter your credit card information, send me an e-mail and I will set up an auto-pay schedule that will auto-debit/credit your account each month.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.


PS - keep an eye out for information about the upcoming GRIP program, Winter hitting league and a list of openings for lessons and the pitching and hitting programs which I will send out tomorrow.