My annual pre-season reminders

Post date: Apr 11, 2013 2:37:38 PM


I will spare you the entire content of my annual pre-season reminders but I have provided the link below to the page with all of the wonderful reading content. I have also listed the subjects that are covered and highlighted a few points that are very important. Please take a few minutes to read the content and contact me with any questions. Also, please re-read this information if you are feeling upset about something related to your son that you feel compelled to discuss with the coach. Our ultimate goal is to help the players get better throughout the season to ultimately become as good as their God given abilities allow them over the next few years. Remember, this is a multi-year process, especially for the younger players.

Reminder about team tuition - Uniforms are done and will be passed out this weekend. From the beginning I have said that uniforms will be withheld if I am concerned about your outstanding balance. Last year we had thousands of dollars in unpaid team fees that were never collected and I do not want that to happen this year. If you are unsure of your balance, click here, login and click on the "My Info" tab and the "account" link below it. Please communicate with me if you need to work something out or if you think the balance is wrong. Generally, I will pass out the uniform if we can agree to an "auto-payment" schedule that will have the balance paid in a reasonable amount of time. Also, we do accept credit cards. I am not concerned about those of you with a multi-year history who may be taking lessons and have a constantly fluctuating balance. I do not mind a balance of a few hundred dollars, I am more concerned about anything over about $400. If you are planning to pay the entire balance at once, just let me know. Either way, please contact me to work something out. I would hate to have to withhold uniforms and it would be very uncomfortable.

Roster decisions - For those with players on the 14u and 13u teams, the roster decisions will be made this weekend and communicated to the players. We won't have time to communicate the entire expectations and/or areas of improvement with each player but they are free and welcome to follow up at a later time. We are trying to develop independent, mature young men so we will be communicating to them directly without the parent present. Naturally, the players will tell their parents what the coach said and then there will be questions. I am asking parents to wait at least 24 hours before contacting the coach or me. We already know that 50% of both age groups will have disappointed players but I want to remind everyone that we are putting them on the roster that we think will be best for their development too. This means that some players who could play Varsity might be put on the JV roster so they can get playing time at their best position. We are trying to prepare them for high school and life and we think overcoming adversity and disappointment is a part of the maturing process. We hope that we are doing this as a teammate of the parents who want the same things for their kids. Also, remember that kids can be invited to Varsity tournaments and/or promoted to Varsity during the seasons. Players can also be send to JV if we think it's best for their development.

Here are the subjects covered in my pre-season message by clicking this link.

Coaching from the stands

Food and family in the dugout

Missing games


Team politics

Coaches will make mistakes

Other notes:

  • We are planning a weekly outfielder clinic in addition to the infielders clinic we are working on

  • We have May 11th reserved as our "home opener" at Double Play when all team will play. If you have a large grill that you could bring for the day, please let me know. We would love to have the smell of hot dogs and burgers in the air. If you would like to help plan this day, please let me know.

  • We are planning a "player of the week" award to one player each week that you will all be able to vote online for.

I am really excited about this season. I've seen a ton of progress, especially in players who are entering their second or third year with us. We have a LONG ways to go to get to where we want to take them but we are on the right path.