Team update - January 24, 2013

Post date: Jan 24, 2013 5:07:13 PM


I am sending this information to keep you informed. I will try to keep this brief but please let me know if you have any questions.

Night at the Monsters - Ty Moorhead has put together a fun night for Buzzsaws to go to a Lake Erie Monsters hockey game for Friday, February 22nd. The flyer is attached. Its $1 dog and soda night so it should be a reasonable cost to attend with your family. Ty will be there and I will probably come late after I run one of our training programs. If you want to attend, you can order your tickets directly from them. Also, please let Ty know so that he can keep a running count by e-mailing him at

Uniforms - We will begin uniform sizing and orders this weekend. There will be two forms, one for new Buzzsaws and one for returning Buzzsaws. New Buzzsaws will get the full uniform. Returning Buzzsaws will get a $100 budget to order any replacement items you would like. You should be able to replace almost everything if desired. The forms should be self explanatory. I am looking for one representative from each team to be the uniform coordinator. I will train you on how to use the forms and parents can come to you with any questions. Please let me know if you would like to be the parent coordinator. I know some have already volunteered so please remind me so that I can contact you to provide you with details. Uniforms must be sized and the form turned in by February 12th.

Facebook - Please like the Play Ball Sports Academy and Buzzsaws sites on Facebook and invite your players to like them. I believe this will be the best way to commicate in the future. as you know, you can tie your facebook to your cell phone and receive instant messages via text. I think this will be a great way to have the kids interact too. Here are the links - Buzzsaws and Play Ball.

New Facility Tours - I will be organizing some tours to the new facility for anyone who is interested. It will probably occur next Saturday (2/2) during practices and I will take group over there during each practice. I will be having an investors meeting next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I have the names of those who have expressed an interest in participating. If you haven't notified me of your interest, you can do so by replying to this e-mail.

Installments - Reminder that installments are due next week. I will be going through the accounts after February 1st to see if anyone is falling behind. I need to start paying for tournaments, uniforms, league fees etc., so I need everyone to be current on their installments by the first of February. Uniforms will not be distributed to anyone who has not fully paid their team fee OR made arrangements with me in advance at the time they are handed out (sorry but I was burned by some people last year where I had to dig into my own pocket to cover some expenses. Don't worry, they were all non-returning players).

Programs - Hitting and Fielding programs will begin towards the end of February. There is just literally no time on the calendar right now until the high school players are released to their teams. The first pitching program will be scheduled to begin the first week of February, probably on Thursday/Saturday or Tuesday/Thursday, once I figure out the puzzle.

That's all for now. Keep and eye out for individual team announcements regarding coaches and practice schedule changes.