Weather related communications

Post date: Mar 14, 2013 9:16:44 PM

Rule of thumb - always assume the game or practice is ON until you hear otherwise.

As everyone knows, the weather can change from minute to minute in the springtime. As a baseball parent, it is important to stay flexible. As coaches, we pledge to also remain flexible as we understand that the weather uncertainty and the fact that some families are driving up to 30 minutes to practices and home games. We will not punish a player for being late to an event when we know that the parent may be driving other siblings around.

If there is a rainout or a weather related change of schedule, it will be communicated by the appropriate coach via text messaging. Due to the fact that not everyone always has access to their e-mail we feel that this is the most efficient way to get the word out quickly. The reason for this is that sometimes the weather is different in different areas. Also, some fields are better at holding water than others. Some teams have better capacity to work on the field than others. There are many reasons for the variation from day to day but the NORM in baseball is that IT WILL BE FRUSTRATING AND THERE WILL BE LAST MINUTE CHANGES. Please stay flexible.

Games - For home games, the coaches are instructed to try and make a preliminary determination by about 3:00 and send an update. If they are at work, the update may be delayed until the field maintenance manager is able to send an update.

Practices - We will always do our best to get practices in. The location could be moved to a different field or indoors if the academy is available.