This page is designed to provide information and updates for those who are participating in the (optional) fundraising opportunities of the Buzzsaws.

Participating in the fund-raising is optional. If you choose to participate in the fund-raisers, you will receive a credit towards your team fee in direct correlation to amount that you contributed which means you can choose the participation level to which you are comfortable. If a family raises more money than is owed, they will be refunded any money already paid towards the player fee. For tax reasons, a family cannot be refunded more than they paid for services but in that circumstance the family would receive a "credit" on their account towards other training opportunities at Play Ball Sports Academy.

Program Sponsor ($500) - Sponsors will be displayed in a rotation prominently within our regular e-newsletter which is send to about 1,000 local families who have opted to receive the newsletter. Also, the company logo (or any artwork provided by the company) will be displayed in a rotation on our “player of the week” voting site which is visited by our Buzzsaws players and parents to vote and see the results. We will also, from time to time, make an extra effort to promote the sponsor and encourage our customers to support our sponsors.

Junior Program Sponsor ($250) - Junior Program Sponsors will receive the same benefits with about half of the exposure as a program sponsor. They will get placement in our newsletter and on the "player of the week" site every other time through the rotation. They will get their name and web-site or phone number (but not their logo) on the banner that will hang in the academy for a year, which will be smaller and towards the bottom.

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