Night at the Races

Date: February 10th, 2012Time: 6:00 - 11:30This is a "BIG" event where the success of the event hinges on participation by more than one team. In order to have a worthwhile, successful event, we will need to have about 200 tickets sold. If you choose to participate in the NATR, it is imperative that you understand that you are committing to helping in putting the event together. As long as everyone does their part, it will be a small task for each person. Click at the bottom of this page to see a copy of the NATR Flyer.

Fund Raising Ticket Sales - If 25 families participate in the event, this means that each family would need to sell 8 tickets on average. But the proceeds of the event will be credit based on actual ticket sales. For instance, if $3,000 is raised at the event from horse betting and other betting (ie 50/50) and a family sells 20 out of 200 tickets sold, that family will earn 10% of the proceeds ($1,000) towards their player fee. Advertising - The program will consist of 10-15 pages which will correspond to the 10 races (see right). Each page will list a race and the horses have a "race sponsor". In the example to the right, the race sponsor is Haughn & Associates. There will be opportunities to sell advertising on the blank page to the right of each race. Name a Horse - The naming rights to each horse is "sold" for each race. The buyer of the horse gets to name the horse and wins some money if their horse wins the race. One of the fun parts of this event is the creative and funny names that people give to their horses. Encourage people to be creative (within moderately tasteful limits). Notes (check back, these notes will be updated as questions are asked)

Advertising - If you sell an advertisement (1/4, 1/2 or full page), we will need to collect their company name and the information they would like to have printed in the program. Have them e-mail their logo (if applicable). We will be looking to print the programs about a week and a half before the event but we will begin putting the program together about mid-January.

Program Sponsor - As you can see from the sample above, all we need from the race sponsor is the name of the sponsor.

Ticket Sales - The easiest thing to do is to keep a list of any tickets that you sell, along with their name and check number. Collect ticket money or have them mail it to you immediately. The success of this event will be based on solely how many tickets (and other items) are sold and paid for in advance.

As of Thursday, 2/2 @ 11:48, there appears to be 3 horses remaining. The horses will be accepted based on the time stamp of the entries and the money will be refunded for anyone who does not get a horse.

As of Friday, 2/3 @ 7:19, the horses appear to be sold out.