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Coach (2019): Dante Sabatucci

Coaching Philosophy: The goal of summer baseball is for the boys to continue to work on their skills while practicing and getting repetitions. Each player will play in almost every game that they attend. However, the amount of playing time is still earned based on the coaches evaluation of skill, attitude, attendance, performance and execution. These areas of evaluation may not be evident to the parent from the stands (for instance, the player may constantly miss signs given by the coach that the parent is not aware of).

Games: The A's will play in the Prospects League and play around 12-16 regular season games, plus 3 local tournaments. Additional tournaments, if decided, will be divided up among all the players

Roster: 14-16 players (approx.) including/plus potential pitcher only (P.O.) at the coach's discretion. Players may have the opportunity to play with the showcase team on an as needed basis.

2019 Team Tuition: Approximately $1,350 plus uniform. The tuition is broken down into three categories 1) Monthly Player Fee 2) Team expenses 3) Uniform

FUND RAISING NOTE: We have several OPTIONAL Fund Raisers planned for this season. All proceeds are divided among the participants based on participation (more partcipation = higher percentage of the proceeds).

September 29th - Golf Outing (more information to come)

Other Fund raisers to be announced.

Team expenses - $1,350 per year (payable in installments)

Payment Options

Installment schedule: When a players accepts a position on the team, certain expenses are incurred starting in September. If a player quits during the off-season, the expenses due to the point of his departure, including the non-refundable deposit, are still due and will be expected, even if the player did not participate in all available training opportunities. The following schedule indicates the amount due during the off-season.

Acceptance of position on team - $337.50 deposit (non-refundable)

$126.56 monthly payments September – April


Pay in full by September 15th and receive a 5% discount AND save the 3% credit card processing fee


Set-up recurring credit card payments and save the 3% credit card processing fee

If a players quits for any reason, no refunds.

Late fee of $10 per month that any installment is late, accrues each month that the installment is late. Reminders will be sent by eSoft

Uniform expenses - $50 - $150 This price will vary from player to player based on need. The goal is to keep the uniform expense as logw as possible. Unifrom fee is payable upon the ordering of the uniform some time in the Spring. The uniform is expected to be two dri-fit style shirts and a hat. Players will be told what color pants, belt and socks to purchase. Other uniform items such as team helmet, team warmup jersey etc. will also be offered.