Coaching University

For Travel or Rec/Little League Coaches

Play Ball Sports Academy is offering our coaching development program and team training program again this off-season.

Have you ever struggled to run an efficient practice?

Are you concerned that you are teaching incorrect fundamentals?

Do you wonder about the best hitting drills?

Are you unsure about correct game strategy?

Play Ball Sports Academy is comprised of professional coaches and instructors, lead by Coach Jimmy Summers (bio) who have played and coached at the highest levels. We believe that the best use of our talents is to 1) Coach the coaches and 2) Help train your team at our facility or yours. We can service either Summit County or Stark County.

This service is for coaches who are not sure exactly how to teach many of the various fundamentals to the players or coach some of the basic tactics and strategies of the game. For instance, would you like to learn how to teach a shortstop the proper way to take a grounder besides "stay down"? How about teaching a first baseman the proper way to hold a runner? What about double play footwork? There are literally hundreds of fundamentals to work on over the years such as; cutoffs, outfielding, over the shoulder plays, catching footwork, throwing mechanics, hitting fundamentals (besides "keep your eye on the ball"), throwing different pitches, baserunning (this is an entire course unto itself).

We also teach coaches basic game strategy such as when to change pitchers, what to say to pitchers to get them back on track, how to hold runners, how to know which base to throw the ball, when to call a suicide squeeze, when the infield should play in and much more. Not all of this information can be learned in year one but over the course of a few years, your son and your players will learn information that is vital to help them practice properly and make their high school team and earn playing time.

Our prices range from an hourly rate (at our facility or yours) or all inclusive off-season program that can range from $150 - $300 per player. We can design a package that suits the needs of your team. We can also offer outdoor practice help in the Spring or we can come to a game and observe and offer feedback to your coaching staff. You will also have access to one of our coaching coaches by phone if you have questions throughout the season. Our knowledge and experience can help you develop a process to teach your players the right way to play the game.

Contact us to discuss a customized program that fits your teams budget, age level and skill level at (330) 928-1551.