Dynamic Leader Curriculum

Play Ball Sports Academy is excited to announce the New Availability of the Dynamic Leader™ curriculum offered by Summit Performance Dynamics.Read the information below describing this program in detail, including information about our new program called CHAMP (Chinese Arts for Maximum Performance).


One of the essential components to the Dynamic Leader™ curriculum is our QuEST, CHAMP class. This class will teach you how to utilize the Chinese Arts for Maximum Performance. You will learn the ancient art of Kung Fu & how it can be used in conjunction with Western Training philosophies to develop a far superior athlete than Western Training alone. We will teach you Chinese Military Combat Shuai-Chiao. This is a compilation of Shuai-Chiao, Tai Chi, Hsing-Yi, Pa-Qua, and Lo-Han; the best techniques from each Chinese internal style combined to create the most dominant martial training system in history. It is the mother of all martial arts, dating back prior to 2690 B.C. Master Lowe has been certified by Grandmaster Gene L. Chicoine & the International Shuai-Chiao Association as a fifth-degree black belt & senior level instructor. His extensive training in Qi-Gung includes the various wellness and performance improvement benefits of programs like Bone-Marrow Washing. You will also have the opportunity to learn various specialty martial programs such as iron body, iron palm, and muscle restructuring. This class will help you continue your journey to optimum health & performance. This is a Chinese Martial Arts class; the participants may be eligible to rank for a belt, if they choose to.

QuEST CHAMP can be taken with any of the QuEST classes or by itself. You will receive a multi-program discount if you enroll in both programs.