Baseball and Softball Training

This section is to announce any programs, clinics or other events that may be on the schedule. Anything that is currently scheduled will be listed as a menu to the left or a subpage below. Click on the heading to learn more about the event and follow the instructions to sign up.

Clinic - A clinic is a training opportunity that lasts only one day or two days (at the most). A clinic is designed to introduce certain concepts from an expert or someone who has some insight into a specific skill.

Camp - A camp is typically a few days long during the summer or other non-school days. The camp is designed to accomplish something that cannot be accomplished indoors or in a single day. A camp can also be to bombard the student with a lot of new information which they can take into their off-season or pre-season training regimen.

Program - A program is a training opportunity that lasts three weeks or more, like an extended clinic. The benefit of a program is that not only can we introduce the concepts but we can help the player practice the skills with repetition to start to develop the right habits. Typically, our programs last four or five weeks and are attended twice per week during that time frame. A program can also refer to ongoing training with no specified end date.

Schedule of upcoming events