Elite High School Pitchers Program

This is the seventh year of our Elite High School Pitchers Program, designed to prepare high school pitchers for their season and provide them with additional skills which should translate into opportunities. The pitcher must be fully committed to his development in order for this program to be successful. The results from the players who participated in this program the past six years are unquestioned. The vast majority of them saw a major increase in their effectiveness and many of them had the best season of their career.

The tuition also includes two months worth of Jonathan's Explosive Training Class which is specifically designed for pitchers.

Tuition - The tuition for this program is $480 for 8 weeks. There are 16 pitching sessions of 90 minutes and 16 "Jonathan" classes for strength training and conditioning. The program works out to $15 per session ($60 per week). When you register, there is no payment due BUT we ask that you pay at least half of the tuition before the first session by clicking on the "Fund Account" tab and pay whatever amount you choose. OR, you can mail a check to 7855 Valley View Rd., Hudson, OH 44236. Checks should be made out to Play Ball Sports Academy.

Schedule - This program will start the first week of November which starts October 30th. The pitching classes will likely be on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:00 - 7:30. The Jonathan training classes will be directly afterwards from 7:30 - 8:30. The schedule is subject to revision and will be discussed with anyone who is signed up.

To register for this program (coming soon).

Summary of program

  • 8 week program

  • Program meets 2 times per week; twice per week for throwing.

  • Mechanics

  • Mental toughness

  • Velocity - Add 3-8 mph (see details below)

  • Stuff (breaking pitches)

  • Tuition - $15 per class, members discount applies (10%)

Schedule - Coming by August 15th

The high school pitchers program will be a twice per week program where the pitchers will work with Coach Jimmy on mechanics, VELOCITY and "stuff". They will also participate in a specially designed strength training, twice per week, designed to build strength, endurance and learn how to "fire their core" to increase velocity. Mental coaching is also incorporated into the program to help them become an elite high school pitcher. While all of the other high school pitchers are throwing their weekly bullpens, these students will be making strides to becoming dominant. This program will be limited to the first 8 students who sign up.