Four week elite pitchers program (Intro)

This program is for pitchers who are dedicated to making significant improvement in the month of December and are able to commit to the training program that we have scheduled which includes at least four nights per week of work. If the pitcher cannot commit to this schedule, there will be other programs offered OR the pitcher can take private lessons on a schedule that convenient for him.

The program is entitled "Elite" because it is designed for pitchers who want to take their game to the next level and are hungry to do so. Players may sign up for both the four week and eight week program, which run consecutively, if desired.

The term "intro" refers to the fact that this is a four week program but the velocity gains are achieved over an 8 week period. The student will be introduced to the routine and will be given a schedule to continue after the four weeks to see the full results. The student may also choose to enroll in the 8 week program to continue his training, which begins immediately after this one ends.

Dates: December 2nd - December 26th

Days: Pitching Tuesday, Saturday; Strength Monday, Thursday

Tuition: $220 (non members), $198.00 (members), $175.50 (Buzzsaws)

Registration Process (please call (330) 928-1551 with any questions):

  1. Review schedule to the right

  2. Register for program by clicking here

  3. You will be directed to a page to complete your payment

NOTE: The schedule is posted to the right and is modified due to the holidays. Please contact us with any questions about the schedule.