Fielding Skills Programs

Elite Defensive Skills Training

For high school players

Results Guaranteed

Ages: High School

Tuition: $160 for six week program. 10% member discount applies.

Dates: January 17, 24, 31, Feb 7, 14, 21

Day: Sunday

Time: 12:30 - 1:30

Maximum: 8 students (if this course fills up quickly, we will add a second one. Contact us if you want to participate but cannot due to the time/day)

You can't get mad at a player for not being able to do something that he's never been taught. Often times coaches practice taking routine grounders but they rarely spend time breaking down and practicing the footwork for many of the other types of plays that occur on a regular basis. That's why we are hosting our Elite Defensive Skills Training in time for high school tryouts. It's designed for infielders to receive advanced training on the finer points of playing all of the infield positions including shortstop, second base, third base and first base. Defense is about reaction to the unlimited number of possible directions a batted (or thrown) ball may take. We will break down many of these plays to teach the player how to not only catch the ball but to be in the best possible position to make a strong throw.

There are no magical techniques that are taught. Nor are there any "secrets" that we will be teaching. It's simply a matter of spending the time necessary to break down each type of play that will occur and spend a significant amount of time practicing them. The boys will leave the program with some new, better habits. But more importantly, they will leave the program with specific knowledge that will help them to continue their work at becoming an outstanding defensive infielder. See below for a list of some of the types of plays that will be taught in this program.

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Defensive Fundamentals Training

Baseball and softball are sports that rely on making the fundamental plays to win. Like free throws in basketball, the routine and relatively easy plays need to be made in order to be successful. Often times, players are not taught the proper way to field a grounder or catch a fly ball. For example; to teach ground balls, the coach simply hits ground balls as hard as possible at the player in the hopes that he/she will "get tough" and field it. But how often during a game are those types of balls hit? Usually not very often. To the contrary, how often are relatively simple plays NOT made? Most games hinge on which team executes the routine plays.

As the player progresses in his/her career, they continue to be successful based on their raw athletic talent. But eventually, they have to compete with someone for a position who has as much athletic talent but better skills. That's when the player with so much talent either has to find a new position or even worse, does not make the team. It all comes down to fundamentals. There is a right way to do EVERYTHING in the field. Unfortunately, players are rarely taught these fundamentals.......UNTIL NOW!

Our staff, led by Coach Jimmy Summers, is very good at teaching the proper way to make the routine plays. By breaking each part of the defensive game into its smallest piece and re-enforcing it through SUCCESSFUL REPETITION, the athlete will learn to react naturally and correctly during the game and make the routine plays. By using proper footwork and technique, the player will appear quicker and the coach will have more confidence to put the player in the game. Ironically, the player will most likely make more difficult plays too! As a result, the game will be more FUN for the player. High school coaches will tell you that they would rather have a player on the field who will make the routine plays than the one who will make the great play (but make errors on the routine ones). This program will teach everything below (and more).


  • Ground ball to left

  • Ground ball to right

  • Proper throwing fundamentals

  • Slow roller

  • Back hand

  • In the hole

  • Sliding stop, throw

  • Diving stop, throw

  • Bare hand (do or die)

  • Double play footwork (receiving)

  • Double play quick throw/short throw

  • First base techniques


  • Over the shoulder

  • Sinking line drives

  • Charging throw to base footwork

  • Charging throw to base positioning

  • Crow hop

  • Spin throw

.....and much, much more!

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