Skill Classes

Skill Classes have been created so students can register for individual classes for different skills.

We are currently offering two skill classes, plus a speed and agility class.

Hitting/Technique/Drill Work - This class is run by Coach Piotrowski and is every Monday at 5:00 pm to 6:00pm (currently scheduled through February 2018). During this class, Coach Piotrowski will aim to improve your hitting ability and adjust mechanical issues. Mechanics are important when it comes to hitting. Each drill we utilize will be a component of your swing and or timing to the baseball. These drills will also be drills where the player can do on his own time or with a partner. Hitters should be focuses on hitting line drives and hard ground balls instead of hitting the ball in the air.

Speed & Agility- This class is run by Coach Piotrowski and is every Monday at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm AND every Wednesday at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm (currently scheduled till the end of February 2017). This class will be a little different that the other classes. Every baseball player needs quickness/speed and even a strong core. This speed & agility class will be HIGH ENERGY and fast paced (depending on certain age). The more classes you attend the better off and more shape you will be in. Also, this class will show players the proper way to stretch (band & static) before and after a workout. Be ready to work when you come in for this class, the harder you work the better improved you will be over a period of time. Each class will be a little different but can range from jump roping, side to side movement, air squats, ab workouts, sprints, etc. The goal is to have players sign up and come to multiple classes becuase you want to get quicker/strong core you have to work for it.

More information about Skill Classes

These classes are designed to run at the same time each week at a discounted rate compared to private lessons. Students can sign up for these classes same day or as far in advance as desired. There will be a maximum of 8 students per class on a first come first served basis by signing up through eSoft.

Rates are as follows

Single Class - $40

Rookie Package includes 5 classes - $150

Pro Package includes 10 classes - $250

Elite Package includes 20 classes - $400

Packages can be purchased in eSoft under "Packages -> Skill Classes" at this link eSoft Packages

Packages are good for 6 months.

Package credits can be used interchangeably for any skill class or the Speed and Agility Class.

Package credits can be used for any future new skills classes we schedule which may include hitting or catching classes.

Our intention is to eventually offer various skill classes including advanced skill classes and specialty classes.

For class availability details, see the various classes under "Skill Classes" below.

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