Winter Hitting League

This Winter Hitting league is designed for kids to come in each week with their partner and compete and have fun with one another! Each week there will be scoring and the scoring will be added up throughout all 4 weeks. After week 4 the top 2 teams will come in for a 5th week to compete for the Hitting League Title. Coach Nick Piotrowski will be running it and will also help with hitting mechanics while watching players hit. Essentially it is competing with each other WHILE focusing and becoming a better baseball player.

*Players signing up individually = $65 (Will get paired with someone when it starts)

*Players signing up with a partner (Friend/teammate) = $50 (per kid)

Details Below:

  • Start Date: Saturday February 24th

  • Ages: 14 & Under

  • 4 Weeks (12pm on Saturdays)

  • 8 Teams of 2 Players

  • All players come in at the same time and warm-up first

  • 3 Official Scoring rounds per kid (8 Good Swings each round)

  • Scoring added up through 4 weeks

  • Coach Nick will throw BP (Official scoring)

  • Hitting League Champions Prize: Hitting League T-shirt & $15 Chipotle Gift Card (Each Player)

Contact: Nick Piotrowski at or 216-905-4084