Youth Precision Pitching Program

This youth pitching program will cover use of legs, arm care, explosion through hips and correct throwing motion. Also, one of the goals is for the player to develop and least a second pitch. Arm care is very important especially as a pitcher. If pitchers do not have proper arm care before and after they throw it is easy for injuries to happen. When pitching you use a lo of your lower half of your body and Jonathan Kountis will explain and help the kids to learn how to use their legs.

Details: Start Date = March 20th

Location: North Canton Facility (7239 Wales Ave. NW. North Canton, OH)

- Ages 11-14

- Tuesdays / Thursdays (TWO DAYS PER WEEK!)

- 7pm - 8pm

- Instructor = Jonathan Kountis

- Price = $250 (do not need all money upfront)

-*Breaks down to $31 per session*