Ty Moorhead

Ty Moorhead graduated from Triway High School in 1997. Ty was a four sport student athlete in golf, soccer, basketball, and baseball. Ty attended Mount Union College for two years where he set the school record both years for hits in a single season. He also held league and national rank for highest batting average. Both years Ty was named as an All League Player. Before his junior year, he accepted a scholarship to play at the University of Akron. The credentials he earned by the end of his 2001 eligibility consist of team Defensive Player Award, team MVP, and team Batting Title. Ty played in the Canton Class A league for 14 years. During these years of play he was a 3 time League Batting Champ, 5 time League MVP, Sportsman Award winner, Manager of the Year, 14 time selected All Star, and various tournament MVP's. Ty currently plays on a Canton and Akron Roy Hobbs Baseball team. These teams have competed in numerous tournaments and currently hold the 2011 Roy Hobbs World Series title. They will defend their title in Fort Myers, Florida in October 2012. Off the field, Ty was a school teacher and coach (golf, baskerball, baseball) at Triway for 8 years, youth director and church administrator for 2 years, and currently the co-owner of Rent a Tent, Tables, and Chairs LLC out of Wooster (family owned for 25 years).