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Coaching Philosophy: At 10 years old, players are still learning the most basic fundamentals of the sport. For this reason, players will be given opportunities to play various positions which includes pitching. As the season progresses, the coach will identify the best positions for each player and set the lineup accordingly. Defensively, the players will be asked to make the routine plays. Everyone will be expected to play in the outfield at times. Offensively, the players will be taught the proper hitting fundamentals and they will learn to look for and swing at strikes (easier said than done). They will be taught how to have an "approach" at the plate. Pitchers will be expected to throw strikes consistently but it is normal for players of this age to struggle sometimes and they will be given multiple opportunities to pitch. Overall, players will learn the proper fundamentals of the game within the context of playing to win. Winning is NOT the most important thing, but TRYING to win is. This means that they will be expected to be on time for games and practices (players may be asked to arrive up to 90 minutes before game time) and maintain a positive, team oriented attitude. In short, they will be asked to be a good teammate. Coaches will understand that these are 10 year old boys and will keep the yelling to a minimum (except in cases where coaches need to get the players attention). It will be a positive, learning experience for the players and the players will be expected to respect their coaches and teammates at all times.......and the coaches will do the same.

Games: The Buzz Saws will play in the SSBL and play around 20 regular season games, plus three local tournaments (9 to 12 additional games).

2013 Team Fee: $1,160 ($90 uniform discount for returning players). The tuition is broken down to explain everything that is included. Coach will be interviewed and selected by the Play Ball Sports Academy staff to meet the standards of our travel team philosophy.

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