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2017 Season Schedule at a glance

(ages 12u - 14u)

All players are considered members once we receive your registration and deposit. All training listed here is included at no additional cost, except the optional programs (pitching, hitting) or private lessons. Some dates are approximate and will be finalized closer to the event.

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Our focus is on off-season and in-season training and development. We specialize in developing pitchers and catchers with our very skilled and experienced staff of pitching and catching instructors. We also offer significant defensive instruction at all positions as well as hitting instruction. Click here to see the bio's of our professional staff. The players will be coached by non-Dad coaches with playing or coaching experience at the high school level or above. For more information, click the following links to other parts of our web-site. You can also click on the links to the different ago groups to learn more about our philosophy at each age group.


Yelling is NOT Coaching

Expectations - Travel Ball Guidelines

Target Training Coach



Note: Some sections are still being updated over the next few weeks so please check back for new information.

The tryout schedule for the Summit County Buzzsaws is now posted to the right. The Buzzsaws baseball organization is a Christian based high school developmental program designed to teach the players the right way to play the game. Learn more about the program and pre-register online for one or more of the tryout dates by clicking below.

The Summit County Buzzsaws are a select travel team run by coaches from Play Ball Sports Academy. We train during the late fall, winter and spring to prepare for the season. We focus on teaching kids how to play the game the RIGHT WAY, which means that we are focused on doing all of the little things correctly.

Since we are focused on player development, ALL training opportunities are included in the team fee. This includes FREE registration for most clinics and programs including: hitting programs*, pitching programs*, nutrition seminars, injury prevention clinics, position specific clinics*, our summer throwing program and more*. The fee also includes; weekly managed practice, team membership, individual membership, and paid coach (11u through 14u only). (Exclusions are August day camp, private lessons, Purpose Pitch Program and Golden Arm Program). Our instructors and coaches believe that YELLING is NOT COACHING. We believe that there are many ways to teach and motivate a player to get the most out of him and that constant badgering and yelling will only lead to ruining this great sport for both the player and the parent.

  • Click here to learn about travel ball expectation for the player, coach and parent

  • Go to the individual age pages for more information about the team fee, programs, age specific coaching philosophy and more

Fee Structure: The Buzzsaws program is a high school prep program. It is important to begin to learn the finer points of the sport as they get closer to high school. Therefore, after extremely careful consideration, we have decided that our fee structure would be all-inclusive in nature. In other words, students will not have to pay extra to attend various off-season programs and clinics. Visit the age specific page to see the player fee. The player fee includes ALL of the following:

Team fees

  • League fee

  • Tournament fee

  • Umpires

  • Fields

  • Practice and warm-up equipment

  • Game baseballs

  • Field preparation equipment

  • Uniforms

  • Miscellaneous

Player development

  • Managed off-season workouts by Play Ball Sports Academy professional instructors

  • Paid, Non-Dad coach. Coach will have high school level experience or above

  • Professionally run fall practices

  • "open workout" coach to help boys learn to practice on their own

  • Team membership (read more) includes unlimited practice at facility

  • Individual membership (read more) includes unlimited practice at facility

  • Participation in QuEST from October - December

Regarding the team fee - please read. We do not want to see a player who has the talent and the desire to miss out on the opportunity to participate in this program. We will do everything we can to help families afford this program. There is a big difference in a developmental, high school prep program like ours that teaches the sport and other travel teams who simply try to assemble talent. Therefore, we offer various payment options and we are open to talk to any parent about a plan that may work for their family. The players fee may be paid in installments between September 1st and May 1st, or by credit card. Full or partial scholarships may be available for financial hardship. There will be a meeting in September for parents who wish to participate in optional fund-raising opportunities to cover part or all of the team fee.