Train with the Buzzsaws

Ages: 11 through 18 (for ages 7-10, click here)

Tuition: $160 per month (January through March or April)

This is our third year for this program and it is a program that makes a lot of sense. Often times, players try out for travel teams and don't make the team and are forced to return to a Recreational or Little League. But those leagues do not typically have the off-season training and workouts that most travel teams offer. As a result, the player falls further behind the curve resulting in a "catch 22" which makes it even more difficult to make the travel team next year. This program is also perfect for a player who has not found a team yet or whose team will not be working out in the off-season.

Another scenario that occurs is that a parent chooses to keep the player from playing travel baseball when they are younger because they don't want to burn the player out or make the commitment required to play travel baseball. But the player may love the game and want to work hard in the off-season but doesn't have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals that are necessary during the limited practice schedule offered by Recreational and Little leagues. This program is perfect for all of these scenarios.

Click here to learn more about the defensive skills that will be taught

Click here to learn more about the offensive skills that will be taught.

The program will work like this. Once a player signs up, he will participate in all practices with the Buzzsaws each week from January until the end of either March or April. All practices between January and March will be indoors, once per week. Many of these practices will occur at the Kent State University Field House in 2014. In April, we will begin our "Spring Training" which will occur both indoors and outdoors as weather permits. Practices will typically occur on Saturday with each team practicing at a different time which rotates every few weeks. If they player cannot attend the time corresponding to their age group, they are welcome to attend a practice for a different age group who will be following the same practice plan each week.

The Buzzsaws are a local travel program that is designed to prepare the players for High School Baseball. The players are taught the fundamentals in each area of the game. The fundamentals become good habits through correct repetition and by having professional coaches making sure that the player is executing the fundamentals properly.

To register for this program, enter submit the form to the right. Initially, there will only be two players per age group accepted on a first come, first paid tuition, first served basis. A player may be assigned to a different age group, depending on the response to this program.

For ages 7 - 10, we are also offering a "Train like the Buzzsaws" program at a reduced tuition rate in which we will accept more students into the class.

For more information, contact Dante at (330) 928-1551.

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